Letter To My Grandkids

A lovely post from ” The Chicken Grandma”- from a grandmother to her grandchildren

The Chicken Grandma


This week my husband and I had a wonderful week.  We celebrated our anniversary (see previous post) and also celebrated the birth of a new grandson. It was a great anniversary gift!

Normally my husband would be in the field at this time of year combining and hauling soybeans to town. Due to the the very rainy weather, we were able to take off a couple days and go meet the newest member of the family.

It is an amazing fact that a new baby can literally hold your heart in their tiny hand. I am not sure how that works…..I just know it is true.

As I worked on mudding and taping in my closet (also see previous post) I had time to think about that little boy. My mind also wandered to our other two grandkids in another city. There are so many hopes, dreams and prayers wrapped…

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Hello, how are you ? I’m Susie Shy

Susie Shy- that introverted blogger- trying to say hello to the neighbours. This is a difficult task for me. With my advancing years, I find it all the more difficult to meet new people and introduce myself to them. At the back of my mind, lingers the thought that perhaps I’m making a fool of myself .
It was not always like this- when I was younger, I could head off and talk to people like nobody’s business. Things changed when I went to college and I found out that in my college, there was a tradition for newcomers to be seen rather than heard. This hampered my speaking abilities. Ever since I have had it difficult to talk to new people.
My neighbours are a Middle Eastern : Russian couple, who have been there for at least the 10 years that I have been here. Last year, they had a little baby-so I was forced to go say hello and meet the newcomer.
It took me several days of planning and plotting to decide how to do it. I thought I would do it alone but when my daughter came to know of my plans ( she is 15), she wanted to come too. So the two of us made our plans.
Days of watching and observing made us conclude that ever since the couple had their new baby and with 3 other children to care for, with no domestic help, they were ordering a lot of takeaway. ( aka the large number of KFC and MacDonald remains in their trash). We decided that they would appreciate a good home-cooked meal.

So we got to work. The problem was what should be on the menu. Given their unique heritage- should it be Middle Eastern or Russian or just plain Susie Shy stuff. I decided to go with Susie Shy stuff- things I know how to make well.
So it was that I decided to fry home made bread in hot oil ( one of the delicacies I know how to make) and combine it with a hot mash of delicately flavoured and spiced potatoes. “Yummy! ” My daughter said, as she sampled some of it. It was hot but tasty.
For the sweet at the end of the meal, we decided to bake doughnuts and ice it as we knew how. So the dough was made and doughnuts shaped and baked- they turned out nice and brown. The icing was my daughter’s work. She had a talent at that sort of thing. So armed with out hot home-made food and baby clothes I had crocheted myself- we went to our neighbour’s house.

baby booties
On the first knock, no one opened the door. So we knocked again. Adam, the last but one child, opened the door. He put his golden brown head out the door and his eyes went wide to see us. I imagined him looking at my food with hunger. Anyway he told me his mother was busy with the baby and could we come later.
Though disappointed, we decided to hand over the food to Adam and Ibrahim ( who had joined him at the door now) and left for our home.
A few hours later, Adam knocked at our door- we were surprised to see him. He said, ” My mum can see you now”, so we dressed up in our best but now armed only with the baby clothes, we made another trip to our neighbours.
At the door, Victoria, the mother greeted us in the fashion typical of Middle Eastern homes with a hug and kisses on both cheeks. Of course, I said” hello” and shook hands too. With the hug and the hello, we managed to communicate in spite of our different tongues and traditions.

Ruffled-Cocoon-Papoose-Baby-Crochet-Pattern 1
Blogging U.

Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself to the World

Hi Everyone !. I am Susie here. I started blogging in August 2014 and my blog is available at susieshy45.wordpress.com

To be honest, I was trying to avoid blogging because I am basically a shy person and do not want people to probe into my personal life. But in August, while I was debating on  making a change in career and trying to take up writing, I had to start a blog in order that potential employers might see my writing. So against my better judgement, I started blogging.

In the beginning, I was shy but soon I started speeding up and posting 2-3 times a day. There was so much to write about. It was interesting and I made so many friends online, some of whom I correspond with almost daily today. After a month or two, the momentum of my writing slowed down and I had fewer visitors to my site.

I didn’t know what to write about. Sometimes I sat with an open page and no words would come. What a change from the person who could write so easily. I was lost for inspiration. I tried and tried but could not write. So if you look at my blog calendar, you will see a time when i almost never posted.

Then in 2015, I got back to writing. I went back to the Daily post prompts and tried to write something on the topics provided. I can write with ease now.

The one thing that affects my writing is fear -I am afraid of whether people will identify me through my writing and find out about the person who hides behind the words I put on my blog site. I am afraid of hurting people.

The one thing I would like to do in 2015, is to write everyday and enjoy my writing. I hope also to sometime reveal myself through my writing and become the real me. Till such time, I need to hide behind my facade.

How to look forward to rejection letters

This article has been written by Timothy Pike owner of the http://www.dreamplaywrite.com/  blog, as a guest post.

Rejection was the subject of one of my “http://www.dreamplaywrite.com/podcast“recent podcast episodes. The podcast is based on my “http://www.dreamplaywrite.com/commitments” 6 Simple, Daily Commitments That Will Change Your Life (And Fuel Your Writing!), and since one of the Commitments involves knowing yourself, it’s worth examining the feelings produced by being rejected.

First of all, rejection is not really rejection. It’s simply someone telling you, “What you’ve given me is not exactly what I need at this time.”

It has nothing to do with whether it’s good or not. And if the agent does take the time to list some areas that need improvement, that’s even better;that could be your cue to send it in again, after making the suggested changes. 

REjected image

What you have to understand is that the needs of agents and publishers are extremely specific. Agents know their markets well. They know what they can sell, and to whom. So they’re not looking for just anything; no matter how good it is. In certain cases, you may very well have sent the right thing to the wrong agent.

Here’s another way of looking at rejection: it makes you stronger. “http://www.dreamplaywrite.com/bookstore/stephen-king

Stephen King was rejected thirty times for his novel “http://www.dreamplaywrite.com/bookstore/stephen-king/carrie“.

In fact, he got so discouraged, he threw the manuscript in the wastebasket and his wife had to dig it out and encourage him to keep going.

A writer made a comment on “http://www.dreamplaywrite.com/blog

recently, lamenting that he had sent out no fewer than twenty-five query letters to agents about his new book, and didn’t hear back from a single one. He seemed about to give up. Twenty-five! I didn’t want to break the news to him that he had about seventy-five more to go until he had any room at all to complain.

Now you see how rejection can weed out the weak: Stephen King, one of the most famous and successful authors of our time, got more rejections than the total number of query letters, this other person even sent out.


Rejection is an inevitable part of a writer’s life. So take heart, and redouble your efforts. Start a collection; frame rejection letters and hang them on your wall. Make light of it and embrace it. After all, the more you do something you’re afraid of, the less it affects you. Remember, the most successful writers are the ones who took rejection again and again, each time getting up back up and saying, “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”

Ref: “http://www.dreamplaywrite.com“.

Timothy Pike is the host of a “http://www.dreamplaywrite.com/podcast

daily audio program and recently launched the “http://www.dreamplaywrite.com/challenge

12-Month Author Challenge, which challenges writers to write, edit, and self-publish their books in 12 months or less.

A road to fame- a Wednesday to attract and to act

   I started on a motivational journey yesterday, a Tuesday. The thought for the day – is how to attract what I want into my life . Meaning at first, I need to make a manifesto, a list, of what I want for my life. This is step 1. 

Step 1 : What do I want to do with my life ? 

The answer is simple, I want to be famous, I want people to know me as a good person. I want people to say she’s a good worker, a simple soul, a friend in need, one they can rely on in trouble. I want to teach people good things, things forgotten in the mad rush of life, to teach people there is a lot of good in the world. If possible, stop wars, quarrels, fights. 

So I want to do great things for the betterment of humanity. 

Now let us look at step 2. 

Step 2 : Be calm. Take a deep breath. Spend some time on myself – say 15 minutes for  a start. Use this to remove all thoughts from my mind. I could meditate or pray. I could even sleep for a bit- or go into a trance like state. The idea is to clear clutter from my mind and indeed it is filled with clutter. Thoughts of things not done, things that could have been differently, words uttered unnecessarily, time wasted etc..,. So I need to create a quiet corner for myself in my house. Yes, found it. It is on the sofa in the corner. Lying there I pray, close my eyes and try to meditate on positive thoughts, all the while quietly clearing up the recycle bin of my mind, so that the negative thoughts do not come back. It is difficult because, a soon as  I close my eyes, i start day dreaming. Anyway, I manage to control my thoughts for a small period of time. I had a short nap too. 

When I woke up, I felt rejuvenated, ready to take on the world.My desires are deeply ingrained in my mind, at least for today. 

The next step is what joins my inner desire with my physical self – that is an action to bring my dreams to fulfillment. 

Now how do I do that ?

I have some skills, like writing, plenty of love and time to give myself and others. So I need to make an action bullet list to see what I can do – immediately and in the future .

Action points :

1. Start reading. Read more about writing, research, ethics, morality, life, self control, motivation etc..- all values I want to instill in myself before I start changing the world 

2. Start learning : From my readings, I need to learn things I can take forward with me in my life- like knowledge and how to apply it to my life

3. Start writing : Reading and knowledge would lead on to writing. Because writing is an expression of my inner soul. It is a way to connect my inner self with the outside world. 

Effectively, it means to achieve my desire of being famous, I need to get a clear space in my brain and fill it with positive thoughts that would lead me down the paved road of giving to people what I have freely received- knowledge. In the process, as a fallout, I might become famous- who knows ?