First snow experience

Last month, my husband and I visited family in Chicago. Three normal days and the last night of our stay there, it snowed. I was surprised my phone weather forecast was accurate. It started around 1 am- I was watching for it- it had been an exciting day, what with a visit to neighboring Wisconsin to see a professor of my husband’s just across the border from Illinois. And an outlet mall visit to buy a lot of things( which I actually didn’t need) and a few books for my onward trip.

So, it snowed and snowed and kept snowing till the morning, when we could see the whole place covered in the whitest of snow. So exciting!

Way to Wisconsin
House in Wisconsin
Last days of autumn
My first snow- the neighbourhood
Little trees covered in snow- early Christmas
View of the house from the car- last sight of snow
Goodbye, snow ! 

Catching up

This last week has been a busy one- we had a proposal deadline to meet and the review process took days off our schedule. We even worked last weekend.

One of my blog friends called me from her Tour of the Holy Land. It was the highlight of my day, the first time she called. I never expected her to call me, when she was traveling. I never even knew she was traveling, though I had been wondering why she had been absent from the blog world for a time – then, I knew. I am hoping to read her memoirs here.

Another blog friend Debbie, released her book and that is one wonderful news I want to share. Congratulations, Debbie.

We got all the proposals in today. I have not been at my desk at work for the past two days.  I was attending a PRIM& R training for research ethics. In spite of the difficult work schedule, my very kind supervisor spared me from work. I got to meet people from my old work place, those I had been not wanting to meet so much too. We did some catching up.

Three and a half years is not a short time. Much has changed. Though water has flown down the bridge, it was not much. Time seems to have stood still over my old department. Many of the colleagues who were with me are no longer there. It used to give me pleasure to watch how retribution caught up one after the other of my colleagues, that gave me plenty of trouble days while I worked there. Today I found out that I did not really care anymore. I moved out of that workplace so they could have a free run of the place and do it free of any hindrance. But it seems that too much of a good thing was not so good. I tried to forgive them and prayed for them for sometime , especially when I was unemployed and had lost about a year and a half of work time from my CV because of my premature resignation. But now that I am with a lot of good friends in my new work place and I have come to terms with the changes in my life and come to appreciate and thank God for every thing, small and big, good or bad( what I think is bad) and maybe that has brought me healing.

Catching up seemed to bring realization to me that when I heard of things that happened to my old colleagues, those things didn’t bring me pleasure any more.

Perhaps I have healed after all.



If your aim is to get 10000 steps per day, I think it is better if you start getting as many steps as you can early in the morning or at least before 10 am, so you have a surplus number of steps in your account. If it happens that the rest of the day is to be spent sitting down for meetings, or meeting friends or watching a movie, it might be better to plan a little in advance and try to get as many of the steps before the sedentary part of your day.

What do you think ?

A co worker

She is my coworker, one who sits in the cubicle two doors away from me. We have 10 people seated in our office suite. She is one of them.

I have to say, she has the distinction of being very sweet to talk to but being most disliked in our small office place. The cubicles being small are not sound proofed, so one can almost hear a complete conversation taking place in the next cubicle, without straining one’s ears too much. Over the years we have grown to closing our years to frivolous talk in other cubicles, unless of course, they are carried out in voices too loud to be downed by strong ignoring.

Sometimes we visit co workers and share a cup of coffee with them or a part of our lives. These are times when we perceive, our friend as listening in. And how do we know this ? The computer keys, which until then, had been beating a steady rhythm, stop abruptly as though they are listening to sounds other than their own. The consensus among us is that she stops typing so she can listen. This is irritating, so much so, that we have taken to whispering to one another when we meet or even to communicate in sign language. Being very innovative, prolonged silences prompt a personal visit from the said co-worker, who we think saunters along casually until she can join in the conversation, which she missed sitting at her seat.

When we leave from our seats for a certain period of time, it is a commonly followed practice to shut the door, so any visitors know you are out and will not be in for some time. When she leaves, ( the rumour is that she leaves to visit her daughter’s school, not far away from our university) and then walks back in, without letting our supervisor know, she leaves the door wide open and refuses to shut the door, even on repeated requests by the supervisor.  Shutting the door would leave her at the mercy of her supervisor, who might even ask her to put in a few hours of leave for the hours she was off from her desk. Today our supervisor wised up and asked her to shut her door if she was leaving her desk for sometime( which she was). Supervisor later reported that she responded by slamming the door shut when she had to leave. It seems shutting the door makes her vulnerable.

She talks very sweet and is very interested in knowing what goes on in our lives. Again office gossip is that she lets very little out of what is going on in her life but manages to elicit details from the lives of others. The information gathered is used against those co workers at appropriate times. One of my coworkers runs a swimming class from home for children who are differently abled. According to our university rules, one cannot hold two occupations at the same time but yet she does. Our sweet colleague found out ( through social media) of my swimming coach coworkers, after work job and reported her to our supervisor.

Now war is on between her and our supervisor. Our supervisor has suddenly wised up to the fact that she hadn’t been appropriately firm with “sweet coworker” and that is why a nature which could have been nipped in the bud has now grown to huge proportions.

There is a lot to say for that old adage, a stitch in time saves nine.

Have you ever worked with difficult, weird co workers ?


Day 16- half way mark

Got confused between the day count yesterday. In my enthusiasm, my post was titled Day 16 when it was actually day 15. The low carb-ness perhaps affecting my brain.

On the positive, I attained 10,000 steps yesterday and some more. I walk in the corridors of my university where there is a wide, square marble corridor lined by classrooms on all sides. One round gives me 350 steps or thereabouts.

The sugar cravings diet,  as I call it , effects :

  1. By 16 days, there is literally no desire for sugar at all. Even at 3-4 pm which was when I used to die for a Coconut bounty or two.
  2. Tiredness, sleepiness off an on.
  3. The recipes prescribed are very practical, simple and eatable. The flavors are basic and they are things we can put together ourselves without too much of an expense.
  4. Urine: Passing urine all the time- even at night- which is what perhaps makes my sleep so disturbed. I used to think eating sweet things later at night led to my frequent visits to the toilet but it seems going low carb itself makes the body produce more urine. Has anyone faced this ?
  5. Acidity : Over the past two days, since fruit was reintroduced, I have had some acidity, which is ok but if I require to take antacids, I need to be aware that they are all sweet.
  6. Thirst : There is a degree of excessive thirst and that is good as it reminds me always to drink more water

The most troubling symptom has been the urination. I hope it passes as everything else has.

Weight : 86 kgs. At last. At long last. I am not in the obese range of BMI anymore. And I don’t plan to go back there.


I went out into the sunshine during my lunch hour for some fresh air and my feet took me to the park in the university. It was hot but pleasantly. I walked through the nicely cemented paths in the park which are created, up and down and low and high, literally- it is marvellous how they have managed to created a green spine in the middle of a university in the desert. The walk gave me my 6000 steps needed to make my 10000. So I am a happy soul today + when I came back to my desk, nothing of importance had happened. My cup runneth over !