Countdown day 3

Yesterday the notification went out on our internal mail at work that I had resigned and my last day at work would be in June. My neighbors and I were inundated with phone calls asking what happened. Many of them wanted to know if I had been “terminated”. Jobs are so scarce that anyone losing their job is a daily happening. But I reassured them, in spite of which some people gave me sceptical looks. But I thrived in the attention. Who knew that  a common job in university administration would merit so much attention ?

There are countless things to be done before I can claim my end of service benefits- it will take at least 45 days to get a settlement. Now I am banking on this amount to pay my first semester fees. And I need the settlement earlier than the 45 days in order not to forfeit my seat. Now what can be done ? It just goes to show one mustn’t count one’s chickens before they are hatched.

A little calico kitten with fluff died yesterday in our garden. My little next door neighbor pointed him out to me, when I returned from work. Seeing his still form gave me food for thought. Just that morning I had petted him and given him his feed. And by evening he wasn’t there- he was too small to realise that cars can kill and one needs to get away from cars with speed. How was he to know ?

At home, we are pulling along.


via Daily Prompt: Lifestyle

My style of life is what would be called easygoing, I think. I like doing my own thing, in my own way. I know perhaps the prompt calls for writing about my health and what I do to keep it well, I wanted to write something different from that. When I write a post about health and diet and all that, my post has a whining tone, which I think is not very good reading.

I am not very ambitious- I think but yet, if I do get the drive, I can be single minded-ly focused on getting my own thing. I can be determined.  For example, I am now working towards getting my application filled up towards a Master’s degree. A Master’s degree at 48, perhaps 49 years of age ?

I have often put my own needs and my dreams far away, locked up so that others’ could go ahead in their lives. Now that that phase of their lives is almost successful, I think I can move ahead. But I divert.

Usually I wake up with a start and thinking about what would happen if I could squeeze a few extra moments of sleep into my morning but the early morning sun poking its rays through the curtains take me out of my slumber and I tumble out of bed, stubbing my toe against a chair placed, so inconveniently near my bed. I am so in favor of a bedroom to be used only for sleeping but we have to double our bedrooms into serving us multiple purposes. There are bookshelves, a computer table, a computer, a phone and an office table with a chair placed all in my bedroom. Naturally I stumble over one of these on my early morning trek to the door.


Soon after my morning devotional reading and prayer, I start thinking of what I can make for breakfast and lunch. Both these meals need to be cooked in the mornings as I am working and my children need their food while I am gone. They are both gluten free and vegan, so that is a challenge to come up with new ideas to keep them full.

Having rustled with the kitchen and managed to cook something which is edible, I run upstairs to my bedroom to decide on what to wear, which is another challenge for me as I do not plan anything in advance. Every morning I wish I planned what to wear the previous day. Life does get stressful for me in the mornings.

After my shower, putting on my clothes and dealing with my wet hair, I get the car out and hope against all hope that the roads are not clogged with traffic, so I can have an uneventful smooth ride to office. These days the roads are rather empty and traffic well behaved, so I am not complaining.

I forgot to mention that between putting breakfast together for my human family, I also need to get breakfast for my home cat and also the day’s meal for my stray cats which currently number 6, including Feather Florence. Then there are the birds outside, who wait for their seeds or the previous days’ leftovers’.


If there was one thing I wish most days of the week, it is that someone else takes over my food duties for that day. I would be so relieved. So this is my lifestyle for an average work week.

Cat update and my day 31

The second last day before my diet ends. I am actually going to miss it, so I think I am going to continue it. A loss of 5 kgs is not a joke for me, someone who has been trying to do so for at least a few years. My sugar cravings are gone now, completely. I don’t want to be going there again and if I remind myself that I am on the diet formally, maybe I won’t fall off.

Kath, one of my coworkers has  a six week old puppy, who she adopted grudgingly recently. The puppy is seemingly healthy, playful and has a good appetite. My friend has dreadlocks and the puppy likes to sleep on her neck and he apparently chews her dreadlocks to soothe himself to sleep. Long story short, the puppy now has an inflated tummy and is sometimes in pain. His bowel and bladder move normally and he is eating well  but Kath is worried about the puppy. A scan of the abdomen showed a few blocks in his system and the vet is not sure what they are. Kath teaches diving on weekends and as her classes are important to her and her students, she would like someone to look after her pup while she is out teaching. Of course, I said I could keep her. At my home there is a 4 year old cat and I am not sure how he is going to react to having a pup at home. Called my husband up and he agreed to have her.

The stray cat Gundu is still in my laundry room. The guy who helps with housework took a look at him yesterday and told me cheerfully that he was a goner. He had seen the other strays lie down similarly for days before they passed on. I lost my spirit after this and went up to sit in my room and brood. Previously such emotions would have led me straight to a binge. Now I didn’t feel like it- was it my extreme anxiety or my genuinely having lost my sugar cravings- I can’t tell. When I came down at around 7:30 pm to get my daughter her dinner, I looked in at him and found him down from his cushioned perch and down on the floor, near the door- and— he was on all four legs. I called out to my house help and boy, was he surprised. I forgot to mention that while I was upstairs, I prayed with all my heart for him and concluded with ” Lord, if it is your will, take him.” Shortly after, I saw him  on all four legs . He still didn’t want to eat anything but he was looking a little more alive than the previous day- it was now about 36 hours since this started.

I put him on his window perch outside my kitchen window and he sat there quietly watching the other strays eating. There are about 7 now, left after the poisoner did his job. After some time he allowed me to carry him and put him inside the laundry room on his cushion.

This morning at 3 am, I woke up and found him quite awake and eyes alive. He hit himself against my legs as cats often do and then when I sat down on the floor wanted to climb on my lap, which I let him. He sat there peacefully and I sat at peace too, grateful in the moment, for the few extra minutes that God had granted me with him. You can never tell with strays.

At 6 am, I went to check on him again and he came out of the room on his own and even sniffed at a bit of his favourite cat food but didn’t seem to want any. But at least he sniffed.And that is something.

So at the beginning of day 31, I am at 85 kgs and am wearing a top which was way too tight for me when I was “obese” and now I could just about manage to pull over my head but at least it got in. My bust looks crushed because the top is a little tight over there but I am ok. The arms feel tight. It is good to be back in the ” XL” range of clothes from XXL or XXXL.

And I am grateful.