Gratitude post

After a week of raging and ranting, I am going to look for positives in my life. I don’t often do a gratitude post as I don’t find much to be grateful about. You know what my personality is from this.

  1. Grateful that I have one devoted husband who loves me despite everything: I have taken him for granted.
  2. Grateful for people in my life- the woman who cleans my desk and stops to say a word- we discover common interests like gardening, craftwork- she gave me one of her creations last week, thinking it was my last week at work.IMG_20180702_054345.jpg


The cook who cooks for our family- she was appointed to take care of husband’s food while I was gone but she continues with us as she is a help and I realize how hard I worked to take care of the family over the years and a job. I am grateful.


I am grateful for the man who cleans our house- he has been doing this for about 8 years now.  There are many people who I must remember but can’t because I can’t think of them right now.

3. I am grateful for the cats and my cat, who give me a sense that someone wants me and I can still be useful.

4. For my blog friends, many of whom help me through the day because of their grounded posts and their perspectives on life. For the invitation into your lives and the care you provide to many through your writing, I am grateful.

The rabbitpatchdiary

Linda Schaub

Mehrling Muse

The Chicken Grandma

A timeless lady : For the big online hug which showed me that people from far away care.

BC Parkinson


Gobblefunksite : For caring enough to even make a blog post when I requested. Thank you

Talking to my weightloss counselor

The bespectacled mom

Dream Big

Cupcakeblog : for great conversations and non-judgmental writing and the inspiring posts you write about how to fight adversity in a logical way

5. I am grateful that I now have the time to connect with my inner self. I have a second life now and I am grateful that I am going to make use of it. I am grateful that I can read the Good Word and learn to practise it in my life.

6. I am grateful that my mother in spite of her surgeries and her health issues, is spirited enough for a good argument on any day. I feel happy after a good argument with her, because that gives me the feeling that she still has the spirit in her. 🙂

7. I am grateful for the ability to learn- I seem to be able to learn anything if I put my mind to it. This is a discovery I made after my 40s.

8.  For the fact that my scholarship application was opened even though the deadline passed on June 15- for reviving hope

9. I am grateful for the ability to spend money again, after months of skimping

10. I am grateful that despite my running away, love follows me.

The list can be longer but it shows when I sit and count, there is so much to count that words are not enough to express them.


Laugh, even when you are at the receiving end

One of my New Year Resolutions was to laugh at myself or find things about myself to laugh about.

So here goes:

I had a colleague from my previous workplace who had been fired because of an unfortunate turn of events. When the economy was not doing too well last year, the corporation decided to do without a few jobs and save salaries. Instead of getting rid of some of the top salaries and bringing down stupendous salaries, the corporation decided to sacrifice some of the employees who earned less than 1000 $ per month. When the chairpersons asked supervisors for names of people who could be done away with, this particular colleague’s name cropped up because of certain disagreements she had had with the supervisor in past seasons. So my colleague found herself without a job from February 2016. Things were not going so well for her small family. Her husband had a small job in the same corporation but it was difficult to make ends meet with just one person’s salary. To top it all, she found out through HR that she had been made the scapegoat by said supervisor.

Fast forward a few months: I contacted her and found out about her situation. I tried to send various job vacancies to her but most were of a temporary nature and she didn’t qualify or apply – I am not sure which. Over the past few months, I have been sending her job vacancies in various institutions in our university and neighboring universities. In the beginning , she was truly grateful and appreciated my efforts but after a time, I noticed that she was not very responsive to my emails. She didn’t let me know that she had procured a job in an Insurance Company in September last year.

Around new year, I thought of sending her New Year wishes and wishing her luck with her job search, all in good faith. But I hesitated wondering if she would not take it in the right spirit. Today I found out that she had found a job, a permanent one at that ,in another big corporation. I was surprised that she hadn’t informed me even though I had tried my best in helping her.

Remember my New Year Resolutions ? It said – Give thanks- whatever the situation- so I did, even though my heart hurt. So I gave thanks again- felt a little better and then looking down the list, I saw the one that said- “Laugh at things, laugh at the absurdities of life, laugh at yourself.” And that is what I am doing now.

I thought I was being very magnanimous and very giving and all that and hoped that she would appreciate my efforts but instead she didn’t and taught me a lesson in humility. I am laughing now at how the Lord teaches me new lessons almost every day. I am so small, so insignificant and so trivial in the grand scheme of things and I deserve nothing more than a kick in the backside, which I have been given.


Good book bargains

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the cost of books and the exorbitant international shipping rates that would daunt any book lover. Read here

I was pleasantly surprised today when after a long and perilous travel, the books I ordered from Better  World Books showed up in my letter box. To be honest, I had almost given up hope of ever getting the books. I have only a PO Box number and no residential address to which letters or parcels can be delivered. Many sellers refuse to deliver to PO Boxes, so when the books failed to arrive, I concluded that the books were lost in that deep ravine called the General Post Office.

The books, though second hand, were in surprisingly good condition – in fact, no one could ever tell, they weren’t new. Please check out the website for Better World books. Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised  too !

The books I ordered were :

  1. Paddington at Large
  2. The Step Diet book
  3. Paddington Bear in the Garden

You would have by now realized that I am a Paddington Bear Fan.


Day 24

Going to the bathroom I found a trickle of blood, I thought it was my monthlies but about 10 minutes early. Note that as I am peri menopausal, these things come without notice and with no rhyme or rhythm. So I started using pads, only to find that there has been nothing more, overnight. I have concluded that it must have been ovulatory bleeding(mittelschmerz) or that I am having a pre-menstrual flow as a warning. My husband has been urging me to have a scan to see on progress of fibroids, such as they are.

It is surprising that at my age, a woman might ovulate. Anyway, surprises will never cease.

The diet is still going on and I am bloated, as might be expected with all the hormonal changes going on. I seem to be stuck at 87 kg.

Sugar cravings : nil. Breast size: come down 3 inches ( success).

Back side ( 2-3 inches off). Waist ( possibly 2 inches)

I love the recipes on this diet. They are all perfectly creatable and eatable and don’t need expensive ingredients. No chia, macha, or fancy stuff. Sometimes we use barley, quinoa and wheat berries( which I haven’t tried yet, not having any).