Airport experiences

I was writing my morning pages today when I thought about an experience I had coming through a major South Indian airport. My husband being an ERCP- ist had ordered radiation protection glasses to be shipped to my Indian address. The glasses arrived duly and were packed among other things in my check in baggage. Emigration and check in went on like clockwork. I was in the airport hoping to have a good shopping experience having saved some spending money during the trip. I was in the Duty Free shop when I heard my name being called the public announcement system. As is usual for me, I thought they were calling someone else until something about the name sounded familiar and it clicked in my brain that they were actually calling me. So I hurried towards the airlines counter, from where a girl accompanied me to the innards of the airport. I say innards because she led me far below the airport in its underground places. I hadn’t known such places existed. It was a long walk. The girl told me I was likely to lose my iPad which I had packed into my check in luggage, not wanting it on the flight.

Soon the girl guided me to the place and left me alone to deal with a security person or police woman there, who stood guarding my open suitcase. Heart beating I approached her. She asked me if I had packed any hard stuff in my suitcase- I couldn’t recall having done so. She said there seemed to be something in my stuff which was in the shape of spectacles. Suddenly it struck me- it was my husband’s radiation glasses that were causing the issue. It was not seen properly on the security cameras as it was made of lead. I explained why I carried it and she let me go. Since we had gotten pally by then, I told her I was worried she was going to throw my iPad away as it had to necessarily come through the check in luggage. Reassured by her, I walked the long journey back to the upper echelons of the airport. Needless to mention, I lost my appetite for shopping by then.

On my recent trip to California, in the US domestic flight security check ins, I was separated out to be pat checked. It happened on two domestic flights and I wondered what the camera could not see in my innards that needed me to be patted fondly by hand. It seemed there looked like something was hidden in my groin. Every time I was given the green chit. Perhaps they thought I was smuggling drugs or currency or even a small weapon- who knows ?

I really appreciate airport officials for doing their jobs thoroughly though for the time involved, I did go through some moments of anxiety. Have you had any airport security experiences ?

Can it be ?

I was out of town for a week. While my husband attended his conference, I roamed Philadelphia on foot. Where I live, I miss the use of my two God given legs especially during the summer. I cannot bring myself to hoist myself from my chair and walk a few steps on most days. There are some days when I walk less than 500 steps a day( don’t be shocked- its true).

So I grabbed my chance when a whirlwind decision of my husband to take me along for the conference appeared. Now I could walk at least for a couple of days and the sights to see would be an additional bonus.

So armed with my two New Balance shoes I set out- on foot. Almost every day I walked- can’t say how many steps but it seemed like a lot. My legs screamed with pain and my feel swelled. But I kept on after a few minutes of rest. The jet lag didn’t affect us too much. We stayed at the Best Western hotel as the hotels near the Convention Center were all filled up( due to our very last minute decision). This was the best decision we made, it turns out. The rooms were clean, the towels folded perfect, the beds made daily, bathrooms spotless, all toiletries provided( I had forgotten toothpaste and they had it). To top it all the breakfast buffet was filling, keeping us full for almost the entire day and energizing me for my long walks.

I was back yesterday and the scale showed- drum roll- I had lost 4 kilos- 8.8 pounds- can it be ? I am not sure yet but that’s what the numbers are.

Time away

The past two weeks were spent traveling with family. At last,  the college admissions are over. Whew !!

Sharing a few photographs of my trip.

The weather was good- I am grateful that I got to see some good decent weather this summer thanks to my trip.

The college campus was green, greener than I remember- perhaps someone has taken notice of climate change and planting more trees. It was cool under the trees. The old granite buildings, of more than 70 years, still stand. Inside the hostel, though things have changed- the lower common room showed its age. The furniture which I remember was made of cane- now it was of nondescript material and uncomfortable.

I have no pictures from inside the hostel but these few pictures were taken outside. See the friendly birds which were so tame and doing their business;  they didn’t care, I was sitting a couple of steps away from them. The canopy of trees looks like a tropical rainforest.



Waking up early this morning. Feeling fresh and refreshed. It has been a good night. One in which I woke up only once to go to the bathroom( that is a big plus for me).

  1. For the computer, internet and wi-fi that are available 24 hours a day and let me have a virtual world apart from the real world. The virtual world helps me escape from reality for a good while.
  2. For ability to get access to books that help me improve my knowledge of things I thought I knew but actually didn’t and new things I learn every day. For recipes I am learning, creating and perfecting through these readings.
  3. For lowered blood sugars and blood pressure readings and the joy of seeing my husband happy and relaxed. The blessing of seeing this can’t be described in words. I never imagined my life to be so run by the happiness of another person but it is so, it has come to be so after 25 years of being in another person’s life. It comes to me that I have lived more years with this one person than with my parents.
  4. For 20 hungry cats that wait at my door each morning and evening and sometimes just hungry for a pat or a word from my mouth( I talk to animals). For each day I have with them though the thought that they won’t be much longer with me does bother me, I am determined to live in the moment.
  5. For a supervisor who has cooled down and is able to take time off from her worries and enjoy life at work. Her happiness transfers to us too and it is a blessing not to hear the tap of her shoes on the stone floors outside our rooms as she runs to get things done. For the slower pace of things this summer.
  6. For the ability to look at the better side of things at least when it involves others. I am trying to incorporate this in my life too.
  7. For smiles- for the smiles I see each day, for the smiles that remain in the world still. For people who give their smiles freely still. For people who don’t expect anything in return.
  8. For smart world leaders who do their job in their own characteristic way in spite of all the obstacles in their way. For the leader of a certain party who went out of his way to give a bear hug to his bitter critic opponent in parliament and who is ridiculed for it- for his guts to do so and not to keep grudges.
  9. For two legs that allow me to walk at will and that are under my control. I need to appreciate this ability more when I have them rather than wait for when I don’t.
  10. For eyes that see and ears that hear and a skin that heals fast even when injured. For a body that keeps me in one piece despite all the injuries I inflict on it.


Post the events of the last week in my life, my husband and I have had some talks. 75% of our marriage has been made up of talks- counseling wise.

We are both born into Christian families and have ancestors who have been Christians at  least in name. I belong to a family which has family prayers, hymn signing during night prayers, everyone from the littlest to the biggest getting a chance to pray everyday and ask questions during prayer time, especially related to the Bible reading for the day. My in-laws have family prayer too which almost has the same routine but is only for about 15 minutes of time. Since my family is huge, by the time prayer finishes it would be a good two hours since we started. Prayer times are great bonding times in our family particularly since it is no TV, no cell phone time.

My husband and I tried to keep the tradition of family prayer ever since we married 25 years ago. To be honest, it hasn’t been consistent. Now if we pray together once a year, it is an incident. We of course, pray through the day, and read our Bibles. Our children do too. Church going has in recent days become a routine for my daughters and I.

Recent talks with husband about prayer brought a lot of revelations. I am the reason he does not pray and has a frivolous attitude to religion. The reason being that I harbour resentment and do not forgive people. If there are people who wronged me, I remember like an elephant. OF course I don’t take revenge physically but I do kill them a hundred times in my thoughts.

He said, since I do not forgive and forgiveness is one of the basic tenets of Christianity, he has lost his faith. For him when he sees me carry baggage from long ago and reacting abnormally in situations, he has lost heart and mind to pray. I feel horrible. I am putting another person away from praying. In my lexicon, that is a grave sin. My behaviour is such that it dissuades another human being from being intimate with God or tithe or any of the other things done by other Christians. In effect I am only a nominal Christian.

I have vowed to change. I forgave everyone with whom I resented. I prayed in my heart and asked for forgiveness. I am going to change. I am going to invest in things that are important for my spiritual life and for my husband’s. This has to be rectified.

Things to work on:

  1. Harboring resentment
  2. Forgiveness and moving on
  3. Encouraging children to get married
  4. Thinking less about myself and my requirements

This post is for my records so I can look back and read it and see where I stand compared to this day.

Mathew 6

Do Not Worry

25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life[e]?

28 “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. 29 Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendorwas dressed like one of these. 30 If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith? 31 So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ 32 For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Day 39-GIS

June 22, 2018

In preparation for my course, I am studying. Enrolled in online courses so I won’t look too much of a fool when I go to class week after next. That I am old and have white hair will make me stand out. I don’t want my brains to show me up as well. So some oiling and rust removal is what was done today.

GIS-geographic information system is one of the essential techniques for a public health person these days, or so the experts say. I am trying to learn and do assignments in this online course. I used my brains today. Trying to figure out how to recover my saved unsaved word documents from my computer. I was working on MS Word and the rainbow colored wheel keeps rotating when I try to save my document. Finally it crashed and I quit Word. I thought like in a PC, my Mac would have autosaved my document. It did not.  6 hours later, I was still trying to figure out where in the realms of Word, my document was hidden. Napped for about an hour, by when husband returned from his trip to homeland. We had lunch together. Post lunch, I tried again and found out that in Finder, I could go to a temporary folder and get my last saved document, which was almost the last one I worked on before Word crashed on me this morning.

So relieved. I completed my assignment and submitted it. I am working on my next one now. 5 assignments to complete before June 30.

In Mac, it is good to have Auto Save on( apparently) and Auto Save gets “on”, only when the document is saved on One Drive( apparently). So I downloaded One Drive from App store and got the autosaved document above saved there. The Autosave button automatically turned to on after this.


Day 30- farewells

June 13, 2018

Started off well. Pains of yesterday a matter of the past. Feel good. Guess why? Because of the visit of aunty Flo. Big relief. Temperature adjustment of the body better. Feel normal now after so many days.


These are a lovely flowers- a bouquet for my farewell from Cyn. Today is my farewell lunch. It is at a hotel.

Sent a picture to my husband.

Husband: Are you going to cry?

Me: No. I never cry at farewells.

Husband: Make a speech anyway.

I am like that. Farewells make me sad but I can not cry. I look forward to my new life, new beginnings. The end really seems near now. Till now, I never really believed that this would happen.

At husband’s work, the previous boss has been frantically calling him. Today they talked after days of missing one another’s calls( busy doctors). Dilly-dallying about jobs is not a good thing,husband learnt. Through months of heartache and suffering and conjecture, marking an end to all the drama, the previous employer has welcomed husband back to his home institution. Come back, he said but join at the earliest. The scare of no job when he returns has been real. Husband readily agreed and said he would be there Monday to discuss the future.

Daughter 2 has qualified for admission to another prestigious institution( exam she wrote on June 3). This is another feather on her cap. A year, no three years of hard work have finally paid off. The youngest one is probably on her way to getting a medical degree.