What am I celebrating ?

As Christmas is upon us in a few hours, we have had all the “things” that go along with Christmas done- the decorations, trees, socks, touches of red in everything, some baking, food, parties, laughter. But somewhere in the midst of all these, I am sitting in my room on Christmas Eve, wondering what I am celebrating ? Where is time going?

My younger daughter loves Christmas. She gets butterflies in her stomach, starting December 1. She has a pleasant sense of anticipation, which I must confess, even rubs itself on to me.

Usually I keep my indulgences under control and keep celebrations within limits.This year we rather went overboard. Have you ever felt there was something lacking when everything seems to be going on so well ? That is where I am now. It seems I am sitting on top of a lovely iced cake, somewhere near the cherry on the top but looking down the cake and wondering what is down the cake ? How did I get here? Where is the way from here- up or down or right in the middle of the cake ?

It all comes to this, I guess. What am I celebrating ? I haven’t even thought of my Saviour even once during all these celebrations. Today I got a reality check and am thinking. Would Jesus approve ? Would he want all these extravagances that I have committed in his name ? I am not so sure.

Today is a time for reflection. A time to think of pasts and futures. Maybe not to plan but to reflect and remember. Maybe write a few lines, think a few thoughts, sit alone with oneself and reflect. Time alone is what one needs on Christmas eve- time to think alone and ponder.