Lost & Found-2018

A while back I wrote about my experiences writing the GRE exam.

Over the past year, I have lost a lot of things and have had to cope with memory loss that perhaps comes with advancing age or sleeplessness or whatever.

During the GRE exam, the security check required that I removed all jewelry and watches, every accessory including hair bands. I had a Fitbit on my hand, which I needed to keep away during the exam. True to form, I couldn’t find it after. I went back to the exam center a couple of times and then searched everywhere I could think of. I couldn’t find it. I stopped wearing watches altogether. This was on November 30.

Two days back, my daughter traveled to her college. She needed my backpack, so she could take her books along with her. While emptying the backpack, I found the Fitbit, buried inside, the backpack- good news 1, for 2018.

My husband when he travelled left a leather jacket and a shirt at two different hotels during two of his travels. Last week, he got both items back, safe and sound. The hotels found the items and shipped them to his parents’ house and he picked them up from there. That was good news 2.

I still have a couple of items lost from 2016- one a sapphire cross and the other a wedding symbol. Both lost from a metal necklace, which miraculously remains with me to this date. I hope I can find these items soon too. The loss really cuts deep. I can truly understand the parable of the lost sheep and the lost coin from the Bible.