Two steps forward, one step back

A couple of days’ back I wrote about a little nudge that I got towards my dream of pursuing my studies’.

Well, I am putting in my application for the 2018 session. I managed to get the application form in the system figured out. Though I worried initially about who would write references for me, I managed to figure out a couple of people who might remember me and write references. Also one or two of my current colleagues.

My husband is now constantly talking about this – so this keeps the motivation going.

Today one of the references ( a very reputed person ) whose reference would have lent credence to my application replied to my request for  a recommendation. He said, he knew me too far back and couldn’t write a reference, which sounded quite fair superficially but I can’t seem to forget it. Sensitivity is one of my biggest failures and I am being so now.

I can’t forget it- is this a deterrent ? Should I not pursue with my application ? I don’t know.