Fear and Faith

Even a nose bleed can put your life out of sorts- I learnt this today. As a child I often had nose bleeds. Not knowing much about this in the 1970s, we went to routine check ups and in those days, these things were taken as a matter of fact. I mean most people and a lot of children those days had nose bleeds. Now approaching 50 at a real fast pace, I tend to worry a lot more. My family does too. Health scares us a lot more these days than it used to in the 1970s. Being aware does make us better equipped but makes us fearful too. What am I afraid of ? A bad diagnosis or the fact that I may be facing death ? I think I am just afraid of the old body giving up on me and that wear and tear has finally caught up with me.

The bleed stopped in a matter of seconds- meaning my clotting was working properly. I had my blood tests done in December during another bout of nose bleed then. It seems the cold weather of 2018-19 has not worked in favor of my health. I cannot remember having felt very tired or anything except exceptional sugar cravings and my weight refusing to go down.

Issues in my family have turned me once more to that old refuge- positive thinking books and of course, Norman Vincent Peale. I can say I read the Bible and pray but the truth is what Peale writes seems to make more sense. Anyway, I am now reading about choices man can make- faith or fear. Faith can banish fear. I choose faith. What else does man have ? I don’t want to live in fear, like a worm.

18 thoughts on “Fear and Faith

  1. Faith is the answer …as long as it is in the Lord Jesus Christ. Sorry about the nose problems but could it be the dryness of winter heat.or maybe a lack of some vitamin/ mineral. Do take care.


      1. Susie, I am pinpointing a world map of all my blog friends. I want my grands to see what a world of family we are. Refresh me on a general location for you Please. Thank you.


  2. My mom used to get nosebleeds too – she had not had them since she was a kid and then suddenly they occurred. The human body is pretty remarkable and resilient, yet mystifying sometimes.


  3. I used to always get nosebleeds as a kid. I have no idea why or exactly when they stopped. I do know if we would go to the mountains my nose bled more than it didn’t! I think altitude was in issue then.
    I will be praying about your CT scan next week Susie. Praying all goes well and that you don’t worry about it before or after while you wait for results.


  4. Timelesslady says:

    Hi Susie, Does anyone else in your family have nosebleeds? The tendency to have them often runs in families. My uncle had such severe nosebleeds as a child he had to have a transfusion. I had nosebleeds as a child and I had to have my nose cauterized. Now it rarely bleeds unless I have a cold in the middle of winter. My nephew also had a lot of nosebleeds and the solution was as simple as a thin layer of vaseline inside the nose at night. I will pray your CT scan goes well. Kathy


      1. Timelesslady says:

        I hope they can figure it out for you Susie. Nosebleeds always seem to happen at the worst time…I remember being out and having them happen when I was a child.


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