A long time

Its been a long time since I posted. I had my parents visiting me the last weeks of December and then was a two week trip home. Back yesterday.

A lot of changes, a lot going on at home. Perhaps a wedding in the family.

Being empty nesters has its ups and downs. Sometimes the loneliness hits one hard- sometimes the empty nest gives one more time to do things one had put away for a rainy day but the change I noticed most is -being with one person most of the time does take its toll. Before the attention was divided among three or four but now has to be concentrated on one.

8 thoughts on “A long time

  1. Glad to see you have returned and are back in the blogging fold again Susie. There are so many adjustments to make in our lives … no wonder we often wish for the status quo to remain the same forever.


  2. Every stage has its own set of challenges and I guess it is a life long struggle. The moment you find yourself getting acclimatized in one situation, that is precisely the moment the universe starts working to change your stage. Having only one person to concentrate on totally will be a challenge for me too.


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