Slow Sunday

It is a slow Sunday again. I am up at 2 am probably because of my diet which makes me very active, very early.

Carbohydrate intolerance and insulin resistance- two words commonly thrown around these days. Research seems to show that almost all of the metabolic diseases are attributable to insulin resistance probably stemming from deposition of fat in the liver and cycles of highs and lows through years of consuming more sugars/starches than necessary. High blood pressure, edema around ankles, blood sugars, gout, fatty liver, gall stones, insulin resistance are all supposedly related to this.

Last week, my husband had high blood sugars( post prandial above 200 mg/dL),which led to a minor panic situation here. He agreed to go zero carb too to see if that would help . So starting two days back, the two of us are on the low carb diet. Day 1 was tough as it involved 24 hour fast. For most of us who have never fasted, completely giving up food is unthinkable. It was the same for him. I have done it before, so I fasted with him. Probably because I have more to lose than him and probably because I have done it before, it was a lot easier for me than him. At hour 18, he almost gave up as he was seeing stars, had a headache and felt horrible. At this time, he broke his fast and indulged in some cheese and olives. Then he continued for the rest of the 6 hours and called it an almost 24- hour fast.

Day 2 was four meals of only vegetables. This was a difficult proposition- most of our bodies are conditioned to automatically reach out for sugars and something starchy throughout the day. Fruits, even healthy ones, were out. The better half confessed that he had been snacking through the day even while at work When food is found all around you, what does one do when he is hungry ? Eat. And that is what he had been doing.

Day 2 helped him and me realize that though he often said, he hadn’t eaten anything since our hearty breakfast, in actuality he was eating sugars. Day 2 cleared successfully for both him and me.

Day 3- today we can add protein back to the diet. For two meals, lets see how it goes.

13 thoughts on “Slow Sunday

    1. Cinnamon I have tried for me- it got rid of my sweet tooth and I got used to its taste after a while too. I am one of the few people probably in the world who does not like the taste of cinnamon.
      I dare not ask hubby to make the change to cinnamon in his coffee- not yet. A change at a time is all he might be able to tolerate.:)

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  1. Our daughter is trying to talk us into doing the same diet. Wishing you both lots of luck to stick with it. Me? if I was murdered today, I’m afraid my chalk outline would be more of a circle.


  2. I need to lose some weight Susie but this sounds so rigorous. Like you, I am a texure eater. One of the bloggers I follow and who sometimes pops on for comments on my blogs, (he commented on the peanut butter on the baguette today), just started the “Whole 30” program. It involves a lot of meal preparation, but he said he has already lost weight, but did not divulge how much yet. He is a a computer programmer so sitting a lot. I think I’ve picked up extra weight all the extra hours sitting here and not getting things done around the house like I used to.


    1. Oh Linda, my problem too !
      Sitting at a desk or watching TV when I should be doing better things- oh my God. That is what I do more than 10 hours a day. What an unhealthy lifestyle. I sometimes try to walk around the corridors of my university to get my steps but its funny, sometimes a thought comes in my mind that people might think I have nothing to do, hence the walks.:)
      I wish some of us would get together and try to lose weight and motivate each other.
      I need to lose at least 50 pounds to get in the normal range for my height. We talk in kilograms here so this conversion to pounds is rather difficult.

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      1. Why don’t we have some long-distance motivation of some type Susie? I gained about 15 pounds this year, and, as much as I love the blogging, I know it is because the interaction picked up. I had 18 subscribers for the first 4 1/2 years. Two friends (e-mail subscribers) interracted with me and that was it. Suddenly, I had followers and had blogs to read and I am here every night late, either writing my own blog post or reading others. I am behind on e-mail correspondence with my friend who is grad school that I told you about. We often have these sporadic e-mails when something happens in our life – for her, school or her husband/daughter/granddaughter and for me it is mostly about the weather, walking or complaining about my boss. So she gets busy and doesn’t read my various e-mails for a while, then I get flooded with e-mails. I have about six now and I just left work late again. But I am behind in Reader so feel that has to be done before Evelyn.

        At any rate, I am sitting here hours and hours and if I get up to walk around, my house is small, and I’ll walk up and down the hall and sit back down again. I start here at work at 11:00 a.m. and I am only paid 4 hours, but often work more than that … I take a break from 3:00 p.m. to 3:30 to cool my laptop and eat something, then back here again for hours and hours, til bedtime. It is not good for your waistline, your butt and your eyes!

        Plus I am very bored at work, so I end up nibbling on this and that – I only have healthy stuff in the house, but I buy those Goldfish crackers and went through boxes of them snacking on them in the evening. Besides being bored at work, I had these house issue things over the last few weeks and the issue with the guy next door who decided he was not going to fulfill his part of the bargain (cutting the lawn all summer after I shovel snow all winter) and other little things which I will write about separately if we don’t have a storm, or later this week when Robb is out of the office for a few days’ vacation. Right now, we have storms rolling in at 7:00 or so tonight and going all evening. I likely will use that as an excuse to go to bed early as the barking dog on the corner will be in the house. And lack of sleep contributes to your cortisol level and slows your metabolism rate. So you are not burning calories like you normally would having had a lot of rest. Since the blogging has picked up I rarely get to bed early, then in the morning get up later and later (used to get up at 4:00 a.m. daily), then try to reply to comments on my own site, and find myself hurrying and scurrying to get out the door. I hate this about myself as I had a great regimen and followed it. As to the weight, I may walk, but we’ve had a lot of rain this year which has kept me inside the house and all the added sitting down is not good. I am 5′ 9″ tall and yesterday weighed myself and found I was 148 pounds – never been that heavy in my life. Like you, I need to lose weight, and the longer I go, the more difficult it gets. I want to try Nutella because I’ve never tried it, then have to hunker down and get serious. My mom and I were on South Beach about 12 or so years ago. She needed to go on a diet as she had edema and needed to lose some weight for her legs. So, we went on it together to avoid making separate meals. It is to eliminate carbs – it was difficult then, but I have my oatmeal every morning for breakfast and I only eat whole-grain bread and have for years – I had that piece of baguette, but have not had white bread in at least 5-6 years, if not longer. I don’t know if I can give up the carbs – I do think it is carb overload for me. Sometimes I get here to the computer at work, and 15 minutes later I am nodding off. I always have a sandwich when I return from walking … I am usually starving as I eat breakfast around 4:45-5:00 a.m. That’s why I was interested in your Keto diet as I think if I could eliminate the carbs I’d be okay. I don’t crave sugar or sweets – I gave them up and have no desire for them. What could we do for inspiration? Sorry for rambling Susie … I think we do think alike a lot of the time.

        P.S. a solution for the walk, would be to have earphones on, and maybe walking shoes, so people would know you are on your lunch hour or down time and not associate you with whatever steps you need to make as you walk around the university in conjunction with your job.


      2. The solution for the walk is an inspiration- thank you. I am going to do that. I try to take a round around the corridor once an hour- anyway all the water I drink on this diet, makes me get up to go to the toilet, so at that time, I take a round and come back to sit down at the desk again- I still don’t clock 10 K steps.
        Can we start journaling, so we can share what we ate a day, so we can account for each other’s eating and become responsible ourselves too ?

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      3. Journaling would be a good idea – I think at one time I had to keep a journal in school many years ago, but have not done one in many years. When I worked on site, that I used to call my mom every day on my lunch hour while I ate lunch. Not a good idea to be there, in your office or sitting at your desk, as you are deemed “being there” … I have given more to work through the years, than I should have … you could not sit there and read a book or make a personal call as you’re deemed “at work”. If I called my mom while at work on my lunch hour, it was to break up her day … she read a lot and did jigsaw puzzles and listened to talk radio, but I would call her for about a half hour. I should have just had a quick sandwich and taken the cellphone and walked … our building took up a city block and many people walked the perimeter of the inside of the building as it was a perfect square and the suites set up like hotel rooms, so you could walk the perimeter and get some serious steps in. But I was not into the walking regimen in those days. But, I’d see women walking together or small groups, their regular clothes on and their walking shoes.


      4. Yes, journaling is a good idea. I used to keep journals too till I found it too painful to read my own journal writings and recount those days of pain. I didn’t want to relive them again. It was better to forget and move forward. I will try journaling again. If one does not make eye contact with people one meets on one’s “rounds” around the corridor, it is ok, but since I often have to smile or say hello, I am plagued by the thoughts of whether they think I don’t have enough to do.:)

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