Monday is the day set apart for being grateful. Honestly this morning I am not finding many things to be grateful about but let me try. Let me see what makes me grouchy first this morning.

  1. Grateful for the Air Conditioning in the house for without it and the power supply we would not be able to live in arid conditions. Thank you.
  2. For family that has returned safe after more than a week of busy travel and activity.
  3. For the Thai boys who got rescued last night from the cave and for the remaining 8 boys who are still alive.
  4. For the cool wind that brought cooler weather in some parts of the world and did not bring harm.
  5. Oh, now that I am counting, there seem to be so many. For a friend who is busy at work but still writing and I know she is well somewhere.
  6. For the guts to face up to someone I needed to forgive.
  7. For sleep and hunger that plague me through the day. There are many people who do not feel these basic instincts of life. I am often not grateful for my hunger for food and cravings for crunchy stuff. I am grateful that I seem to have gotten over my sugar cravings.
  8. For a sister who works hard at work and at home with her children and her ill health. She has been looking after my husband and children every time they visited her city over the past two months.
  9. For the woman at the visa counter because she set me off on an alternate path of life, one that I never thought I would be going on this July. For new times and new experiences.
  10. For a spare car that in spite of my car being silent and still in the garage works well and takes me in comfort to work.
  11. For the chapel service that went well last night – that elder daughter sang in the choir for- it was her first experience singing in a choir and for appreciation. For the younger daughter who was kept safe through weeks of travel back and forth to the home country and the church service she attended here yesterday.
  12. For peaceful times at home and the cats outside. For peaceful neighbors who live their lives quietly. For a neighbour girl who put on 5 kilos of weight after a battle with extreme starvation. It made me happy to see her almost like her old self yesterday. I hope she gains her body image back- is that the correct way of putting it ?
  13. For the monthly times for both my girls. I have come to appreciate this with their lives as they have often missed these cycles in their lives but this year, seems to have brought regularity in their rhythms.
  14. For the change in mood from when I started this post, that I don’t want to write what was bothering me at the beginning of this writing.

Thank you for this day and for the challenges this day will bring.

22 thoughts on “Gratitude

    1. Bethany,
      Sorry I have not been visiting your blog as I should have. I have been dealing with some issues, but that is just an excuse. I am trying to get out of it by doing various things- one of them is listing and thinking about things I am thankful for.


      1. bethanyk says:

        I LOVE reading what you are thankful for.
        It is completely understandable you are doing your own thing and focusing on what is working for you. I havve also been neglecting many blog readings but I have been trying to cope the best I can getting out and taking photographs and enjoying what I can enjoy so it takes my focus off of the pain in my body.
        I hope you are doing ok! I liked your list a lot


  1. Wonderful, Susie!! Once you start looking, there are millions of things to be grateful for!!
    I , too, am so grateful the Thai boys were rescued, and the other 8 who are so alive!!
    Oh yes, the AIR!! Have to have a/c here too!!! Ours in the living room is not chillingly cold, but keeps it under 80, so very livable. Our bedroom air, when we close the door, puts icicles on our nose!! Even on low!! You wouldn’t think I’d have 2 thick blankets on, during July!!
    Love, Lucy

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  2. Great list Susie.
    We all have moments of not being able to think about what we are blessed with, when we are going through a stressful time. Never think you’re alone in that situation. It will come to us all at some point.

    Sending much love and praying for you. ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. It is true and today I am ashamed to have written that I had nothing to be grateful for yesterday. If only I could take time every morning to think of others than myself, how many things I would find to be grateful for .


  3. And how are you today Susie? I’m missing your regular posts and wondering (and worrying) you are okay … especially since I know you would have commented on the baby robin … hope you are just busy?


    1. I am ok, Linda. It is just that i am not inspired to write these days- when I get the desire I will write- till such time I plan to read posts and comment.
      The baby robin- I hope it is ok- that was a sad ending you put into your post of your eyes filling up, wondering what its fate was ?

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      1. Thanks for writing back here and on e-mail. I did have concern over your absence. I hope our little feathered friend is okay. I did not go back after I left him there with his mother on Wednesday morning. I have to hope she took care of her baby – I would be upset to see it had not made it and was lying there, so I did not go back. I am a bleeding heart when it comes to animals.


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