Slow Sunday

Today is a day for taking it slow. Reading blog posts, writing up comments, is what I have planned. It is also day 4 of the keto diet. As per the book, I get to do four meals of

1-2 cups of veggies + 20-25 gms of proteins

1-2 cups of veggies

1-2 cups of veggies + 20-25 gms of proteins

1-2 cups of veggies

In the morning I woke up feeling cold. Really cold. I was sleeping in an AC room and the weather outside is really hot but I am feeling cold. I think I have the flu- not the viral kind because I am immunised ( in May) but the keto kind.

I was dehydrated of course, having lost a lot of water overnight and not drinking enough to replace lost water. Finally I went downstairs to grab a drink and fill up my water bottle and add some rock salt powder to it. In half an hour, I feel better.

9 thoughts on “Slow Sunday

    1. I like this way of eating because I know I can’t eat rice or wheat anyway and with this diet and its rules, these are a total no-no. It is safe, having tried it before I can say. The only problem is texture. I am a crunch liking person- I like crunch in everything and most of the crunchies are starch filled. Fat filled stuff all seem to be chewy or soft and melty and I need time to get adapted to them. This is for 21 days- after 21 days, I should reassess and see if this way of living is feasible especially when I return to my home country and most food is starchy, or from under the ground( again not allowed) and tropical fruits( again starchy). I am also not a meat person and to adapt to a meat diet is difficult for me but I am going to try it and make sure I like it this time.


    1. So fat, I can’t tell you. But no one would know because I am tall, that is a good thing and a bad thing. Unless I sit on a fragile chair and the chair breaks, no one would know all the weight I carry, inside and outside. Are you back ?


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