Day 40- insurance

June 23, 2018

Its 40 days since I started blogging continuously. Time does pass fast. I am getting bigger and bigger with all the stress making me eat more.

I await my visa appointment of the 25th for everything depends on the  outcome of that appointment. We have health insurance cards given by our university which I have to return to HR on the last day of work. Found out today that big daughter’s card is with her in another country.Now how am I going to get it in time to return it to HR ? Maybe my end of service benefits will be delayed.

Daughter has gone over to a friend’s house for the day.

I am working on QGIS. And the version 3.0 does not have vector tools on it. Seems like a bug and the bug report will take 2 weeks for a response. Net search tells me that one needs to removed a plug-in called ” processing” and then restart the program. Not working.

I have a 6 page assignment to complete with this question- how am I going to complete it? Since the summer solstice, seems like the heat has toned down  a little. I am turning off the AC a few times as my feet are cold.

It is a nice change. Surplus of food in the fridge is a problem because one has to finish it. Left to me I would not have made new food until the old is over. But with the house help cum cook, food is made fresh every day. So what can I do with leftovers ?




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