Day 39-GIS

June 22, 2018

In preparation for my course, I am studying. Enrolled in online courses so I won’t look too much of a fool when I go to class week after next. That I am old and have white hair will make me stand out. I don’t want my brains to show me up as well. So some oiling and rust removal is what was done today.

GIS-geographic information system is one of the essential techniques for a public health person these days, or so the experts say. I am trying to learn and do assignments in this online course. I used my brains today. Trying to figure out how to recover my saved unsaved word documents from my computer. I was working on MS Word and the rainbow colored wheel keeps rotating when I try to save my document. Finally it crashed and I quit Word. I thought like in a PC, my Mac would have autosaved my document. It did not.  6 hours later, I was still trying to figure out where in the realms of Word, my document was hidden. Napped for about an hour, by when husband returned from his trip to homeland. We had lunch together. Post lunch, I tried again and found out that in Finder, I could go to a temporary folder and get my last saved document, which was almost the last one I worked on before Word crashed on me this morning.

So relieved. I completed my assignment and submitted it. I am working on my next one now. 5 assignments to complete before June 30.

In Mac, it is good to have Auto Save on( apparently) and Auto Save gets “on”, only when the document is saved on One Drive( apparently). So I downloaded One Drive from App store and got the autosaved document above saved there. The Autosave button automatically turned to on after this.


14 thoughts on “Day 39-GIS

  1. Sounds familiar. Mike is the techie in the household, so if he is around I ask questions. When I went overseas for a year, I had several issues with the laptop. Find someone in your area (classroom) you can inquire if you are in a dorm setting, you should be ok and it might be fun. I was in more of an apartment setting and several times when I searched for people to ask, they were not in. I managed to learn and pick up a few new tricks about the computer. Every workplace I have been at has a different system. Right now, I work at a university system where every year, they change the computer format, if not twice a year as they are hacked. It is challenging to keep up but you have to make the effort.


  2. Dear Cupcake,
    It helps so much to have a helping friendly techie at home, doesn’t it ? At home ,it is like in the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king” thing here- everyone thinks I know something about technology- only I know what I know( not).
    It is good if we can learn things on our own as then we look knowledgeable.

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  3. I get mad at myself when I can’t do something techie and will spent hours trying to figure it out on my own. Usually, in the past I was on my own but since Mike’s health issues, he is here more now and that is nice

    I hate to ask for help in a room full of instructors as they give you too much information and I get overwhelmed but I am learning to ask for help and then move on. Your time is coming closer!!


  4. I would be so overwhelmed by all this techie stuff.
    You will do great. You don’t have to worry about the other students. I didn’t go to college until age 38. It’s a known fact that us older students do better because we have a higher work ethics. They are busy socializing & we are busy working to learn. How’s that for generalization of a whole younger generation. I apologize to all younger people.
    But Susie, I know you’ll do great.

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  5. Sue – I have heard that Macs are far superior to Microsoft’s Windows though I’ve never tried one. We use Windows at work and I have to have Windows as well to remote in. Losing a document and not being able to find it ranks right up there with plumbing problems and a power outage!

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      1. Yes it does Susie – I hope you figured out everything on your computer for your assignment – it did not sound promising in the post I read in Reader before I came over here. It is always something.


      2. Glad your computer didn’t let you down. I believe you’d be feeling misgivings and “the willies” … my friend that I’ve mentioned had the same worries, but she was using money from her inheritance from her mom who passed away in November 2016, or else she could not have done it. Her husband is a painter (as in residential/commercial, not an artist) so he does not make that much money. Her schooling was two years – she will start year no. 2 in August. She is in a Summer program now that just started last week. How many years of school do you have Susie?


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