Day 38- summer solstice

June 21, 2018

Growing up, geography was where we got to remember important things like when the year is divided and so on. So June 21 became an important date to remember.

It is also the International Music Day. I heard this recently on my car radio. Radios are again in fashion now – they help pass the time while driving.

Today I went to the big library on our campus. I needed to take a right turn, as there was space in the parking lot on the right. And taking the turn, I am not sure what happened, but I ran over the divider. A loud crunch brought me back to reality and I realized I had done something I should not have. I backed the car up- thankfully no cars behind and moved into my right lane and drove on. As though nothing happened. Life is about play-acting. If at my age I fall down in a public space, I look around to see if anyone is watching and quickly get up and walk away as if nothing happened. But if I fall down at home, there will be a ruckus- I will make a loud noise and ensure I get the pampering I should.

I read about an actor and his wife of 20 years splitting up. They are friends with another high profile couple whose wife sees a lot of the first couple. It sounds like a movie thing in real life to me. Exchange of spouses?

Cafeterias are open around me. Roads are very empty as I drive to work. It is the summer vacation- schools closed. The few who are not taking a vacation are at work, lazily. Office hours are lax. The heat is getting everyone lethargic.





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