Day 36- water

June 19, 2018

I get excited about birthdays-my birthday. Am in that state right now. Last year at this time, my mom had her double surgery. She is alive today.

Went through my online courses- health promotion, GIS in preparation for my Master’s. I have not reached the fever pitch about my trip yet as I don’t have a student visa. My embassy appointment is on the 25 of June- I will know then.

Water at home stopped for hours today, making us realise how important it is not to drink water on a hot summer day or the need to use the bathroom without flush water is beyond self-control. Got the watchman to do a few repairs and voila, we had water again.

Injuries : Have a lot of painful injuries on my right leg- don’t even know when I inflicted these on myself. Sometimes I fear I have diabetes that I don’t know when I itch and cause injury.


18 thoughts on “Day 36- water

      1. I agree – I hate when you have water problems … this morning I have to go grocery shopping as I lost all my fridge/freezer food when we had a power outage due to the heat – sigh.


      2. Yes, it is okay now … and went to the grocery store this morning to replenish what I lost, feeling badly the entire time for the loss of wasted food and money. You never realize how much you depend on electricity, or come to just enjoy it, until it is gone.


      3. I know my grandmother used to have a fridge she called “the icebox” and the ice man arrived with a huge block of ice and they used that to keep everything cold – but I wonder if it was safe for meat and dairy – things that spoil quickly.


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