Five minute Friday- Restore

IMG-20180529-WA0012Fridays are the weekends here. A time to restore and rejuvenate the hard work of the week. As far as physical labor goes, work is not at all exhausting but working here at a desk job is so exhausting mentally and the drive back and forth from work is worth any amount of restoration.

Our apartment at home recently underwent a restoration project. It is about 16 years old, no work done on or in it ever since we have owned it. The walls were crackling, paint peeling off, cupboards had termites and powdery stuff coming off in corners of rooms. There was a tree dog infestation at one time too.Everything was restored for a good expense.

Roads outside my villa are being restored now. I wonder how restoration work can go on in such heat. Who can work in the hot scorching sun ? But people are working and restoring our road.

A daughter of my neighbor was admitted in hospital as she had stopped eating – completely . Her parents feared the worst and got her admitted to hospital. Their worst fears had come true. She was kept in hospital for feeding and she is on the road to restoration.

My mother has undergone two major surgeries on her body this last year. She has huge scars on her body. With prayer and care, she has been restoring herself. She was a timid woman before this incident in her life. She always feared the worst. She says her worst fears came true with the multiple cancers she had. She concludes that one’s worst fears come true if one keeps on and on thinking about something and hoping that that fear will not come to pass. Just like positive thoughts bring up more positivity, negative thoughts breed ill health is her contention. She is working on restoring her mind with positive outcomes.

Restoration is a process of healing. Why did we allow ourselves to go so far off from where we should be ? Why do we need healing and restoration ?

7 thoughts on “Five minute Friday- Restore

  1. It brings your min back to a better and more restful place. I get that peace from the Park and walking – nothing else does it, We have 95 degrees with a 100 degree heat index tomorrow and likely Monday – is that the kind of heat you endure every day during this hot period of the year?

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