Day 32- wishes

If we were counting by the month, today would be a new month.

As countdowns go, there is a new countdown for me. My birthday- June 20- 5 days more. i love birthdays. I wish I could have a magical, childhood like birthday-where there would be no quarrels, no disagreements and only laughter and people wishing you to have a good day.

Wish I could cook better- yesterday, we had a guest for dinner- I let the cook cook and I moved away. Guest a professor from a reputed medical college who has come here for a month’s vacation.

Wish I could have rain. It has been ever so long since I saw water pouring out from the sky.

Wish the temperature would drop.

Wish  I could complete the online course I registered for in January- the GIS course. A long time back, for my final MD exam, one of the questions was a note on GIS- of course, I had never heard of it- this was in 2004. So as is usual, I gassed and wrote what I thought was right( made up the answer). I read about GIS for the oral exam so now I know what GIS is and how it is applied in public health medicine.

Wish I was not restricted for money and I could spend as much money as I have in my bank. I am controlling my spending as I need to pay my fees for my first semester. It is going to be hard.

Wish I could prevent myself from writing as though I was doing an English exercise in school. He said that –. She said that—. I wished that—. I want to learn to write as I feel or think at the moment, not in “reported speech”.

Wish I had an outfit that made me feel cold at home.

Oh Dear !

10 thoughts on “Day 32- wishes

    1. It was- sometimes it is good to write down what you wish for. I have a set of post-it notes in my Bible from last year with my prayers( not wishes). Every one of them has come true.


  1. I would love to grant your wish on rain by sending you some of ours! I am really hoping for a dry day at some point so I can weed in the garden and mow the lawn! I guess it does force me to do housework … which I am not fond of at all!


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