Day 26- June 9

Another hot day. A friend of daughter’s coming over to visit- she hasn’t seen my daughter for over two years. They are having a happy reunion at home- gossip, laughter and more gossip. She stayed over for lunch and tea- so a busy day.

On the other side, husband called one of his colleagues over for dinner tonight. It will be simple fare- fried rice, rice pudding, chicken curry, salads, samosa and spring rolls.

A couple of the little cats and their mother can’t keep their pink tongues inside because of intense heat. I gathered a few of them and popped them over into our laundry room and turned the AC on. They seem to be having a good cool time inside. I dread to think of the messes they might have made. The last time I put the white kitten in his box into the laundry room overnight- the room was smelling awful- he had made a mess in his box and days of scrubbing the room brought some semblance of normal smelling air in the room.

After lunch, I watched TV and promptly popped off. It is a habit with me now- put the T V on and go on to dream land.

One of my strongest desires these days is to be able to sleep on my back, flat, with or without a pillow. I get suffocated when I do this. I need to turn over to a side like a pregnant woman to get good sleep. I feel I am going to die if I lie on my back. This is my prayer. To be able to lie on my back. Maybe the steps of walking I take in my college life will help me reduce fat around my abdomen and get me sleeping on my back again. Until such time, wishful thinking.

9 thoughts on “Day 26- June 9

    1. I am a back sleeper. I feel and get best sleep that way. As I grow older( obeser), I am unable to do so. I feel I will suffocate if I lie on my back. I seem to have health issues.


      1. I read that as we get older, it is harder for our diaphragms to move air in and out of our lungs. I have a daily exercise to lie on the floor and breathe deeply. That might not be your problem, but I hope to keep breathing!


  1. Timelesslady says:

    Susie, I am also off to dreamland so often when I watch television. It is the commercials that get me…during the few moments they are on…off I go…head nodding or thrown back. I would like to sleep on my back more often, but my husband usually nudges me to my side when I do…oh my…he says I make heavy breathing sounds on my back…I think that is probably his code word and kind expression for snoring. Kathy


      1. Timelesslady says:

        I think it is age. My 6-year-old grandson told me a day or two ago that I have an old neck. I laughed and told him that was because I AM old. I think the same thing happens inside your throat as on the outside of the neck and that causes the heavy, loud breathing.


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