Day 24 – June 7- Lessons

June 7, Thursday

Things are back to normal. I got an earlier appointment at the embassy. The earlier date was for June 25- yeah, not too good, but better than July 3. I feel good again. But the funny thing is deep down, I knew it will work out. I knew there was a lesson in it for me. I knew the lesson was that I am going to be alone when I go to college, and no one is going to watch my back but myself. I need to be alert and not take things casual. I need to be responsible and not make assumptions. I cannot afford to be naive. But it was also good to know that I was in the palm of the Lord’s hands.

There are recipes that occupied my day- they were on youtube. I was watching them and fell asleep. The strain of the past few days took their toll. I woke up only when Cyn, shook me. I had fallen asleep at my desk. OMG. What a thing to happen. That I was so relaxed that I nodded off. I apologised to Cyn and got up.

Driving home took me to the shop to get cat food. The stray cats needed to be fed , if only for a few days. Soon their mother will be gone.

The little cats don’t seem to be concerned. They live and play as they always do. The cats from last year are old and big and have battle scars on their bodies but they persist on. They are the major consumers of my cat food. Cats on cat food have much better skin and look better than cats without. Just saying.

4 thoughts on “Day 24 – June 7- Lessons

  1. Oh my goodness …cats. I love them but my “wild” outdoor cats have all had babys. 13 of them and I am at a loss as to what to do. Get them fixed…would be nice but I would have to take out a loan and thet isn’t going to happen.


  2. We still have Granny’s cat. She must be 14 years old now. We can only pet her when we feed her, otherwise she runs away.
    Sometimes trusting God is hard, especially when we want what we want and we want it now.
    But somehow I think God has planned for you to have your dream. I had a friend once who told me all our dreams come from God for He places the desire in our heart. If what you dream about seems impossible, it’s a God thing, for only He can handle what is impossible. It teaches how to trust and look to Him.
    Be encouraged
    My friend

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    1. This cat is a person on her own- she knows what she wants and gets it.
      I can trust in God and believe in his paths but it is tough when people around you don’t trust in God as much and don’t see clarity in their future. The naysayers are the worst. Job knew about them.:)


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