Day 19- marigold

June 2, Saturday

The air conditioner in the room downstairs stopped working. it was impossible to watch TV anymore. So I sat in the bedroom reading books. There was no walking done because it is too hot to go from one room to another.

I read a couple of books today. I started off a post on Alice Vonk but since I could not find the book from which the story had to be copied, that post remains a ” to be done” post. Alice Vonk was a housewife who, many years ago took up the challenge of creating a pure white marigold.Marigold usually is yellow, or orange or rust colored. The gardening challenge was to create a pure white marigold, so from that color other hybrids could be created. What a challenge .

20 years and hundreds of experiments later, this housewife, created a pure white marigold. She sent its seeds to the gardening challenge. The seeds were tested in real life and it was found to be an absolutely pure bred white marigold plant. Alice won the $10000 challenge, more than 20 years after she started off on her journey.

At this time , when I am trying to gather my wits and decide on how to reach my new college, this story inspires me. If there is a will, there will be a way.



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