Day 9

May 23. I am keeping track of the days and events that lead to my last day at work. I don’t want to say, “the first day of school” though I keep hoping that will happen.

I had a doctor’s appointment today- the travel medicine doctor. My titers showed I was immune to measles, mumps, rubella, varicella and hepatitis C. That is 5 positives ( good news).  But I had no resistance to Hepatitis A:(.

As per   the document, I need to be vaccinated against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus, then meningococcus, the flu and hepatitis A. I had to be tested for TB ( X-ray ) and the Quantiferon blood tests.

I am finally back after 3 hours in the hospital. I had 5 vaccination pricks today, 3 on the right arm and 2 on the left. They didn’t hurt too much but now I feel numb all over.

Then I went to the hospital bank to cancel my card, so I could get a bank clearance document.

After that I rushed to work as I have very little leave hours to spare. So that’s where I am on on day 9 of my preparations.


4 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. Oh Susie,
    All those shots sound horrible. I had no idea. Guess we here in USA have a lot of “cooties” and you need vaccinating against them. Ha ha!

    I know you are getting so excited. Can’t imagine how your family, especially the Hubby is going to survive without you. One thing about thought, they will certainly appreciate it when you return to them.

    Email me when you expect to arrive & how long you will be staying,
    At least maybe we can talk on the phone more often.
    Your friend


  2. We have a terrible outbreak of Hepatitis A here in Southeast Michigan. I never eat out (too frugal), even fast food, and most of the people coming down with Hep A are getting it from eating a restaurants (even well-known and respected chains). And yesterday I heard there is a new shot for shingles after I got one a couple of years ago – my neighbor had it in her scalp and eye to bad … her one eye was never the same. Now they say that vaccination I had is only 50% effective. Best you get your shots though – I got a DPT shot a few years ago when whooping cough was going around – news story said if you got the shot as a child, get re-vaccinated as this was a bad epidemic. Slowly but surely you are ticking off items on your list – this will happen.


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