Day 6

It is May 20. At work I could complete a few of the reviews that were sent to me. They went well. Also sent my note of resignation from one of the IRBs I am a member in.

At home, my husband’s job is worrying us. It seems a closed chapter now that the institution where he was employed before will not take him back. Being easy going is not a good thing for people who want to make a change or are ambitious. The two can’t go together. This is what I( we ) have learnt.

There are two exams around the corner for my younger daughter-so she is planning to travel home for those. Since I am on my notice period, I will not be able to accompany her this time.

When it decides to rain after a period of drought, it goes full swing.

9 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Thoughts and prayer for a turn for the good. Your right about the rain, Mama always said, “When it rains, it pours”. All the best to you and your husband. I hope your rain (problems) ease off soon.


  2. You are strong and this leap of faith will happen … you will better for making this decision, though you are filled with doubt now. One day you will look back at this time period and wonder why your head was filled with worry.


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