Countdown day 3

Yesterday the notification went out on our internal mail at work that I had resigned and my last day at work would be in June. My neighbors and I were inundated with phone calls asking what happened. Many of them wanted to know if I had been “terminated”. Jobs are so scarce that anyone losing their job is a daily happening. But I reassured them, in spite of which some people gave me sceptical looks. But I thrived in the attention. Who knew that  a common job in university administration would merit so much attention ?

There are countless things to be done before I can claim my end of service benefits- it will take at least 45 days to get a settlement. Now I am banking on this amount to pay my first semester fees. And I need the settlement earlier than the 45 days in order not to forfeit my seat. Now what can be done ? It just goes to show one mustn’t count one’s chickens before they are hatched.

A little calico kitten with fluff died yesterday in our garden. My little next door neighbor pointed him out to me, when I returned from work. Seeing his still form gave me food for thought. Just that morning I had petted him and given him his feed. And by evening he wasn’t there- he was too small to realise that cars can kill and one needs to get away from cars with speed. How was he to know ?

At home, we are pulling along.

9 thoughts on “Countdown day 3

  1. Well…Now you know you will be missed. Co-workers can be difficult to understand sometimes.
    /and sorry about the kitten. we get attached pretty quickly to even strays. One of my new kittens from the wild cats has an eye problem but won’t let me help. I have emailed you and will send an answer soon.


  2. Congratulations on making that announcement official and your co-workers, though mystified perhaps, will rally for you. Just when you were feeling a little buoyed by the official announcement, thus making it seem much more real, you found the little calico kitty that you nurtured just that morning. It is sad, and like the robins – we grow attached to other beings and then they are snatched from us, even if they truly weren’t ours to begin with, but it is still sad. I still am feeling the sadness of the baby robins, so I feel the sadness for your loss as well Susie.


  3. Ok, now it’s go time!! It’s real!!
    Aww, sad for the kitty’s death. Rejoice in the Lord that you are alive!!
    Pray for God’s favor, that you will get the settlement in time!
    <3, Lucy


  4. Susie,
    How wonderful that God is opening doors for you toward your dreams. I know you will have success because God is with you.
    All may seem surreal now, but as each day comes, you are taking another step toward your success.
    It’s strange, isn’t it, how you think you are insignificant when in reality you are a valued member of your circle of associates. You are probably a pillar of strength to those around you. Now they will feel a void as you leave and step into your dreams. Of course, I’m sure all are excited about your upcoming success. May God continue to grant you the desires of your heart.
    PS- Sorry about the kitten. We have had Granny’s cat for 4 years now. I’m guessing she’s close to 13 or 14 years old. Although she is like a feral cat, we will miss her when she goes to cat heaven.


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