Guest fever

The last week has been busy.  My daughter had a call to go for a college interview rather suddenly. So we needed to get things ready in a matter of two days. The day she was travelling was the day we had my brother-in-law visiting us. During his visit, we invited a few friends over for dinner and as a completely homemade meal was planned, it took some two days to put together.

I am someone who does not enjoy visitors. For one, the house turns upside down and second, I can’t put up my feet and relax as I like to. This fear of visitors is becoming a paranoia with me. Every time someone announces they are passing through, I can feel the panic setting in. I can’t cook – for anything and don’t enjoy it at all but I will have to when we have visitors- at least to keep up an act of being hospitable.

Everything went well despite my trepidation. I guess it is like an examination for me. Visitors and their visits make me feel like I am going to give a test and when the visit is over, I feel relief until the next time when the whole is repeated.

All’s well that ends well and the visitors left, seemingly happy. I am one handbag richer and my husband a new Fitbit.

At office this week, I had visitors from our main campus and I have been busy with meetings from Sunday to Wednesday. It was a grueling time. I took off from work yesterday to recover.

Do you have ” guest fever “?

21 thoughts on “Guest fever

    1. LA
      The rhythm part is right- and apt too- arrhythmia is what I go through when I think of having guests. That being said the time with guests passes fast, so its not too much of an ordeal once it commences.

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  1. Timelesslady says:

    Hi Susie, My family is usually who I have as guests. I have my sons, daughter-in-law and grandchildren over for dinner once a week so we all stay connected to each other. I want the grandchildren to stay close as cousins. Because I do this…I usually don’t have others over quite as much unless it’s a holiday. For me, the cooking is easy, but oh the clean up…that’s the hard part.

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    1. Drop-ins are horrible. The house is usually a mess. I sometimes wish like in the old days, I have a formal living section, for the guests, which we can keep ready and clean for when they come and a separate ” our own section” for us to make a mess and no one sees the mess.
      I wish I could be comfortable with people seeing my messes.

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  2. We hardly ever had guests in NY. For one thing, all our bedrooms had people living in them. After we moved to NC, lots of relatives and friends came. I found I enjoyed it greatly unless I didn’t get enough sleep. Practice helps, so I’m getting better at balancing things. I hope you will come to enjoy company, or at least, find ways to ease the pain.

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  3. I have guest fever, I don’t mind someone stopping in, or staying for the meal. Sometimes, they just seem like they will never leave. I start getting a headache, and just jittery. Some can be so loud. I want to place a sign on the front next to the door, eye level, “Visitors welcome, 1 hour limit.”


    1. Ron, I hear you loud and clear. I don’t like the ones that always seem to want coffee. And walk in and out of my kitchen and offer to help in the kitchen. Of course, I have a lot of “secrets” in my kitchen- meaning little messes, I don’t want people to see and talk about.
      Do you think I need to make my life an open book ? Could that heal me ?
      Who knows ?

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      1. I don’t think that would help, being an open book. Some people take advantage of it, and that just makes more stress. Get a fly swatter, run them back out of the kitchen. LOL

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    1. Yes, with parents and kids, we can be ourselves and don’t need to “dress up” or pretend to be any different. But with others’, sometimes we have to put up an act and that gets difficult with age.

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  4. Aww, like you Susie, I have guest nervousness.

    In the cottage we used to live in, there was room enough for people to stay – but no one (other than our girls) would come to visit for a stay over, because everyone we knew all lived pretty much locally or a short distance away.

    However, since moving to the coast, we have a much smaller cottage, so we can’t have people sleep over. But we do get day long visitors from time to time, and when I know someone is coming, I go crazy mental, worrying that I may have missed a spec of dust which will jump out and show me up. Or that it might rain and the cats will leave muddy paw prints on the glass doors as they tap tap tap to come in.

    Then of course – I worry what to feed them. And what sort of entertainment to organise so that they won’t just be sat on my sofa getting bored.

    Aw Susie – I know exactly how you feel, and I’ll make a deal with you….
    I promise that I’ll never come and visit you and you promise that you’ll never come and visit me. We can then get along famously as brilliant blogging pals… and you’ll never see me in my jammies, and I won’t see your things in the kitchen that you don’t want anyone to see. 😀

    GREAT post Susie. Loved every word.
    Sending huge hugs to you ~ Cobs. xxx

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  5. I like to have plenty of advance notice. I really am not a good housekeeper as I would rather be outdoors. If someone just drops by I am usually embarrassed about the state of my home. I also like to make sure I have food ready …so yep…I need lots of advance notice.
    My mom used to have a sign hanging that said…If you come to see me…come anytime. If you come to see my house…make an appointment. I kind of like that sign!

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