Happy New Year

Waking up to cold foggy mornings. Driving to work in fog even though the time is 8:30 in the morning. Seems like even the roads have taken it easy this morning. A mist covers everything. The cats outside look at me, wondering if I will have something hot for them. Alas, I only have refrigerated cat food.

The corridors are still empty as I get to work. Students are on vacation for a fortnight. The library has opened thankfully. I need to get to my TOEFL preparations ASAP.

Am becoming a fan of hot chocolate these days- from Costa Coffee, which has an outlet in the university. It keeps me full and also satisfies my chocolate cravings for a time. Managed to get the submission in for my colleagues’ nomination to the Staff Awards. It was a lot of work but did it.

My daughter asked me for a Bible for Christmas, which was easier to read and with explanations and pictures and cross-references. I got them one each, through Amazon. I think even adults should have one of these to help them get the meanings of the great words in the Holy Book.

We visited the Cheesecake factory over the weekend and my daughter indulged in a Godiva flourless cake, which has become a hot favorite of hers now. Seems like everyone is on to new things. Just like the New Year.

For two days now, Sunshine has been pawing and knocking his head against my daughter’s bedroom, asking her to wake up and play with him- at the unearthly hour of 3 am. So daughter 1, wakes up groggy and sleepy. It takes a while to get her up. Her exams are on the weekend, so she is doing her last minute preparations. Again new beginnings.



12 thoughts on “Happy New Year

    1. Happy New Year to you and your family. Hope all your writing goals are achieved for this year. May you have all the good things in your life and around you. God bless !


  1. Hi Susie!! It said I was not following you!?! What?? So, I fixed that. When I switched to my new site, lots of things happened.
    Happy New Year!!
    I hope your daughters love their Bibles!!
    I’m glad you’re following my No Spend challenge!! How are you doing so far?
    Love, Lucy

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