Tuesday- had to share

I often read stuff that I just feel  I need to share with other readers. Here’s a poem I read today by an American poet, who I have never read before( and I am ashamed to say, I never knew existed).


“The proper way for a man to pray”
said Deacon Lemuel Keyes,
“and the only proper attitude
is down upon his knees.”

“Nay, I should say the way to pray,”
said Reverend Dr. Wise
“is standing straight with outstrecthed arms
and rapt and upturned eyes.”

prayer with arms raised                  ????

“Oh, no, no, no.” said Elder Snow
“Such posture is too proud
A man should pray with eyes fast closed
and head contritely bowed.”

prayer-kneel                ????

“It seems to me his hands should be
astutely clasped in front.
With both thumbs a pointing toward the ground.”
Said Reverend Hunt.


“Las’ year I fell in Hodgkins well
head first,” said Cyrus Brown,
“With both my heels a-stikin’ up,
my head a-p’inting down,
An’ I made a prayer right there an’ then;
Best prayer I ever said;
The prayingest prayer I ever prayed,
A-standin on my head.”


(All images from Google)

12 thoughts on “Tuesday- had to share

    1. So it does !
      Remember how in the old they used to tell us to kneel by the bedside or with all family members and pray- while that has its place in creating traditions and the comfort of joint prayer, there is much to be said for private prayer and in whatever posture.


      1. I usually speak to God in my heart when I take my walks. I pray in many ways…at times I am even aware of prayer in dreams. I wish that was always the case. God is love, and I LOVE him so much. I don’t think I could not pray.

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  1. I find I have some of my best prayer time when I am taking a walk down the road with just me and God. I know we were taught that at night we should kneel by our beds. I am now of the opinion that God hears our prayers no matter what our posture is….as long as we are talking WITH Him and not AT Him.
    Love that poem by the way.

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