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Neighbor kids are playing in my younger daughter’s room right now. They are playing with her long discarded toys because of course she is not here. They have thrown the toys all over the place and made a maze out of the building blocks- how will I find my way to the ironing table through this maze mess ?


The elder daughter ( 23 years) is playing ‘saloons” with them. This is a game of dress up and play acting. Some of them are the saloon ladies and some of them including my daughter is a customer. According to the rules, children are not allowed into the saloon. My daughter asked, why have you given me twin babies then ?

The saloon ladies said, we allow babies. So the problem and the solution was provided by the saloon ladies themselves. A maze was created and then a way through it provided.

I would say the same with our life problems- there are problems in all our lives. Sometimes it may seem like a maze but if we look carefully enough, there will be a path through the maze- often times misty and curvy but a path nevertheless. If we follow the path boldly, there is a path through every life maze.


20 thoughts on “Maze

    1. My daughter, the one who opened the door to them is 23. She is way out of their league in age but seem to connect to them in many ways. Age is no barrier t o play games, it seems.
      I like it.


    1. Oh they used to a lot earlier but that was like the elder brothers and sisters of this gang till I had to let them go one day- too much going in and coming out of the door and door bell ringing at all times of the day.
      Now 5 years later it is most of their younger siblings who are in and playing with a much older daughter.
      It is good for all of us to have young children around us.

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  1. I love your picture Susie! And I love the fact you let the neighbor kids come over and play. You really do have a maze over there.
    Love the analogy to life…it is so true. Life can be such a maze to walk through but their is always a way. Great post!


      1. When it comes to old wrongs there is little that you can usually do. If they cannot be “righted” it is usually best just left with God. That is not easy and sometimes I want to pick them back up and let them get the best of me.
        I ask my husband a lot for advice and sometimes I like what he says and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I first get mad and then I am reminded that I am not in control. I struggle with wanting approval (people to like me) and with hating to be wrong. I am slowly learning that I only need God’s approval and that it is okay to be wrong and admit it.
        I am not sure any of that makes sense but I do know my life runs a lot smoother when I let God take over. Spending time praying is my comfort.

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      2. That is hard! I always find I have a harder time letting go when it has affected someone I love rather than myself.
        If you can’t fix it you just pray for peace and healing and let God take over. That is also a lot harder to do than it is to say. Lots and lots of prayer and talking it out with someone you trust.

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  2. Hi Susie, I remember playing dress up and having so much fun while doing it when I was a child. We loved wearing my mother’s high heels the most. I can still remember wobbling around in them when I was about seven or eight. Thanks for bringing back good memories.

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    1. Oh, the high heels- we all went through that phase till we grew taller, much taller than mum.
      The saloon ladies put on skirts oner their usual shorts or tights and tried to pretend they were little “ladies”.

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