JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 12th/17- TINGLE

jjj-2017My daughter passed me by- I was at the computer and she needed to get to the sofa in my room, where she had kept her study books.

I heard a scream and looked up from WordPress to see her hobbling on one foot with a foot held in her hands. My questions were unanswered and I was left to assume that perhaps she hit a funny bone and that she had tingles in her toes- is that possible ?

Later when her pain and tingling subsided, I inquired kindly as to what happened. She was calmer now, so she replied, I stubbed my toe.

” So it wasn’t a tingle ?”

” No, it wasn’t ma. Can’t you understand- I stubbed my toe and have probably broken a nail”.

She wouldn’t let me look at her toe, her leg held on the knee of the other leg and head bent over.

Teenagers- you can’t even ask them if it is a tingle or a toe stubbed- they think they know everything and can deal with everything.

5 thoughts on “JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 12th/17- TINGLE

  1. I once stubbed my middle toe so bad on my vacuum cleaner, it still has not fully recovered. It’s bigger than the other toes and bent a bit. I think I must have broken it. I sympathize with the stubbed toe, and also you not being asked to help make it better.


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