If your aim is to get 10000 steps per day, I think it is better if you start getting as many steps as you can early in the morning or at least before 10 am, so you have a surplus number of steps in your account. If it happens that the rest of the day is to be spent sitting down for meetings, or meeting friends or watching a movie, it might be better to plan a little in advance and try to get as many of the steps before the sedentary part of your day.

What do you think ?

20 thoughts on “Observation

      1. Yes- and as the new year approaches it is in line with the thinking of many folks.
        I now do class workouts, which keeps me accountable, but when I did home stuff – I always had more success if things are done early!
        There is a lot of wisdom to what you write because if we get it done early – we can not have it loom – or by forget –
        Further – it gives a boost to our day – πŸ˜‰


      1. And you live in a country where the outdoors are so beautiful too.
        For the weekends, if you put in more steps on your working day, perhaps it might compensate for the sitting in days.
        How is the fitbit allergy coming ? Are you feeling better ?

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    1. Plus if we know we are going out to eat something which might be too indulgent, it might be wiser to get in steps even after, based on how much we think we have gone overboard. Personally I walk both day and night but I am now finding it easier to go through the day, if I finish my quota of steps or as many as I can manage rather early – like before everyone comes to their desks in the morning.

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  1. Hello susieshy. I saw your comment to Deb’s “Grateful” Blog which I also follow and what an interesting person you are! Now, I do try to do 10,000 steps a day and to my surprise it’s not so difficult for me. The reason being I walk our black lab, Cody, twice a day. Each walk is about a mile or so and together I can garner around 6,000 + steps then add in the rest of my wandering around and hey, I usually get to 10K. But your advice is well taken. Early in the day is a good time to walk about. I totally agree with that.
    So, I’m glad to have found you and I definitely look forward to your posts.

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    1. Are you really, Debbie ? And with you hating exercise and all.
      I can understand how your legs hurt- they used to hurt me a lot in September, till I got a new brand of shoes called New Balance and now they are ok – also may be my varicose veins improved with my walking.

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      1. I will have to try better shoes. That is part of the problem. Yes, I’d rather be reading in my chair, but I’m in training.
        We are making a trip to Israel in 2017. I was told you need to be in shape for this trip. It’s a lot- lot of walking.
        Since this trip costs so much and it’s been my life dream, I do not want my lack of strength to cheat me of the full experience. I want to experience everything I can. I’ve heard that some people choose to remain on the bus due to physical limitations. I don’t want that.
        I’ve walked 10k for two days now. Yea! Praise God for victory!

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      2. My parents who are older than you went to Israel last year and they enjoyed it except that the food provided was unfamiliar most of the way. They have knee problems and the rest of it but while there, it is like a pilgrimage and everything is a lot easier, my mother said.
        I wish we could do it too being neighbors but if the visa gets stamped on our passports, then we are not allowed back into our country.

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