Day 27

Starting yesterday, I could reintroduce sugar into my diet if I required it. This is a really kind diet- kind to the dieter. I had no desire to start sugar again, knowing how addicted I can get- once I start, it will move on to the second piece and the third and so on.

The diet advised that I try to start with a sweet treat that I used to love before I stopped eating sugar, all of 27 days ago.27- it sounds like a long time, almost 4  weeks. I can’t believe I did this. If I can do this then I can do anything. My daughter, who has problems with the regularity of her periods and has cysts in her ovary( not yet polycystic ovarian disease), and has been off wheat and sugar for about 2 months now, decided she wanted to go naughty yesterday and do some baking but with healthy ingredients. Of course, there had to be sugar. She found a recipe for a zucchini brownie. Instead of regular flour, she substituted millet flour and the zucchini must have played the part of eggs. Anyway, she came up with a beautiful brownie loaf, it it could be called that. So I took a small piece of that, just to keep to what the diet book told me to- reintroduce sugar into my life. And—

Nothing happened. I didn’t find it good or feel like eating another piece or want to go on eating or anything. I didn’t get a high or a low. I am still the same. I had lost my desire for sugar- it was just another thing in the world, not something to crave for. This is bliss. This is so what I wanted.

As to the weight, it still remains at 87kgs. Inches seem to be coming off my hands and body but not off the weighing machine. The diet ends on day 32. But of course, I can keep at it if I wish. And I wish to.

6 thoughts on “Day 27

  1. Congrats, Susie! That is awesome. SO happy for you. I believe that you can do anything! You are so good at keeping up with your blog. You can keep up with this, too. I bet you’ll see a drop in the scale and if not, you know your body is changing.


  2. Congrats on everything you’ve achieved so far! It’s great to find that inches are coming off your body, no matter what the scale says. In my health and fitness journey, I’ve found it’s a lot better to focus on non-scale victories, like how many inches you’ve lost or how much farther you can run or walk. Keep going, Susie, and never give up 🙂

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  3. Congratulations Susie, you must feel so proud! That really is quite an accomplishment. Go by how your body feels not what the scale says, sometimes it takes the scale a while to catch up. You can do anything you want to!! It’s always up to you. Wishing you much continued success!! 🙂


  4. Hi Susie, Your daughter’s brownie loaf sounds good. How amazing you could take just a small sampling and be content. I have a hard time being content with just a taste. I know if I eat too much that is sugary, or worse, if the food is a mix of sugar and too many chemicals…I will feel HoRrIBle…that rendering of horrible, is a good illustration of my stomach after I eat too much sugar…but sadly…there are times I still do it to myself. 😦

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