In celebration of being “overweight”

I crossed the overweight bridge, not a few days back. I crossed it backwards, meaning I went from obese to overweight.

I have never thought in my life, that I would ever be so jubilant at being overweight but I truly am. There is no greater feeling than being at the 29.— something, something value meaning you’ve officially reached the overweight extreme range and are just a few micro grams away from being obese.

But the real fact of the matter is that I am overweight and not obese, not now and probably not ever. I know the struggle, the tears, the prayers, the jolts, the ups and downs of this journey and battle of food vs body vs exercise vs stress. I am not sure how so many factors come to play in my life but they do. Everything turns to fat and weight gain in my body.

I have cried real tears, late into the night and suffered indignities like not being able to fit into my clothes ( small indignities) to being laughed at openly by my teacher ( in college, when he joked that I should not sit on a particular chair because it might collapse under me- this was when I was 95 kgs heavy). Other issues have been snoring, sugar cravings, possible fatty liver, varicose veins, pedal oedema, plantar fasciiitis. The worst is when you know you have avoided all “evil” food for like 12 years and have given up all the foods you have really enjoyed and still you gain and others lose. I have envied my husband who seems to eat all he likes ( chocolates, fruits, milk, cafe latte, cake, pastries, biscuits) but still manages to be losing weight and here I am on diets of quinoa, hemp, juices, veggies, fibres, no eggs/dairy, kefir and so on and apart from weight gain, there has been no change in my appearance.

But now, I am officially overweight. It seems like I have moved to the Liberal side from being Conservative. ( forgive the metaphor). I used to restrict everything and watch all I ate and still gain, until a month back when a visit to a bookshop to buy a book called the Step diet showed me another book  called the Sugar Crush diet and I bought that book. It has been a major change setter for me. I don’t crave sugar any more.

So “overweight” is good, when  compared to “obese”. It is a matter of looking at the glass- half full or half empty, isn’t it ?


12 thoughts on “In celebration of being “overweight”

    1. Kathy,
      Yesterday you wrote that you are glad you are out of the age group to which weight gain or loss matters and you are happy about it.
      We women, I think want to look good and want others to look at us admiringly at all times, I think- this will and perhaps should not change, right ?
      I thought of writing positively for a change. 🙂

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      1. Yes, I agree…sometimes I look at what I am wearing and say to myself in the mirror…you look frumpy today…but then I laugh and keep it on if I am in the house. If I am going out I usually try to look more presentable. I hope I try to look good as I get older. This is my last year of being in my 50’s. In many ways this age is my best ever!

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    1. Thanks Faye. I love your posts and am reading them all the time- they are an inspiration- especially the wood work one and its life lesson.
      I know you can get there- once you get to overweight the relief is so tremendous, I can tell you. When you were younger, and thought you were overweight, you would go into overdrive and starve yourself or do something extreme to get back into normal but now that I am middle aged, and know the struggles of getting to overweight, I can appreciate, each gram or pound lost.

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