Day 23

I haven’t posted my progress for three days now as I have been in a slump. My weight is steady as a fishing rod and can rise at a whim.

I hate it that my weight fluctuates with the vagaries of my body as it goes through its monthly ups and downs. I wish my weight would hold steady. I have been eating much the same. I have been sitting down quite a lot.

I started this diet to get rid of my sugar cravings and in that arena, I have been successful. As I am past the 21 day margin for the establishment of a new habit, do you think I could hang on to the new sugar free diet thing for life ? I would so love to be sugar free. That seems to me one of the things on my bucket list. I seem to have kicked the sugar bucket for now. I don’t feel any drive or overdrive to have chocolate or sweets even before my periods, which used to be my great trouble spot.

But my weight is the same. I guess that is positive too !

So weight is 87 again.


11 thoughts on “Day 23

    1. Thank you Faye. I think I read through every one of your posts and want to tell you, I enjoy your writing.
      What I love best is the way you end your posts with life lessons and a faith lesson. I thank God for putting people like you in my sphere of contact, even if the field is virtual.


    1. Oh, so it happens. I haven’t reached frustration levels yet because theoretically what I wanted to achieve at the start of the diet has been achieved, which was to get off the sugar cart. I am with you on your movement towards health. Has your town calmed down ? Or were there no protests to speak of ?

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