Day 20 update

Day 18 didn’t turn out as bad as I expected. The meal outside was in a restaurant where I could tailor my intake according to the diet rules. I had a carrot and coriander soup and a spinach and prawn salad- delicious.

Today is day 20- weight still at 87- I despair of seeing a lower reading. Some measurements are up and some are down.

It is that time of the month again. So it makes all the body things go haywire. I am not sure if it is weight gain or is it bloating because of hormones.

I don’t crave and that was the whole intention of the diet to start with- so I guess, I achieved that.

Walking makes my legs ache- again. I wonder how people like teachers who stand on their two feet the whole day manage it- I don’t think I could.

10 thoughts on “Day 20 update

  1. You do get used to being on your feet all day. My normal shifts are 5-7 hours which I can handle, but closer to Christmas they stretch to 12 hours or more, with one 15 minute break if I’m lucky. Those get pretty rough.


  2. Hi Susie, I used to stand a lot when I worked in a floral shop. I never could feel as creative when I was sitting down. Maybe I need to think of that when I am doing watercolors. I usually sit! Don’t despair, no matter what the scale says your body is probably shouting, ‘Hooray!” You description of your meal made me hungry, and it’s not even 10:00 yet!

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      1. No, not too much…it wasn’t for too many years, and I was in and out of several shops, and worked only part time. It was a bit hard when I worked full time at it…but I moved on to teach crafts at a Senior Citizen Center. I loved that job quite a bit. It was very rewarding bringing happiness to the seniors through crafts.

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      2. Right now no crafts, but I am trying to begin learning how to create digital art. It’s fun, but I am only just beginning to learn. I still do pressed flowers, but they are now sitting in books…waiting to be transformed. Have a happy day Susie!

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    1. Do your feet hurt you or do you have varicose veins or such ?
      In Boston, I did 190000 to 200000 steps most days, the aches on my legs were unbelievable. I have never had the likes of them in my life. I think I have varicose veins as I am tall and it would take longer for the blood to get back from the legs into my system and the collected blood was probably what was causing the aches.

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