Day 15

Weight hovering between 86 and 87 kgs.

One change I’ve noticed is that I wanted a cup of black tea- with sugar today- very bad. I didn’t give in. I was tired after waking up- and doing some chores- so I went back to bed and napped for a bit before getting to work.

One of my colleagues asked me if I was losing weight. My daughter agreed with me, finally, yesterday, that I was losing some weight.  My backside is not so big now I feel.

I had been sitting at my desk without moving much over week two( last week). Since yesterday I have started using my step counter and moving a bit more than last week. Yesterday clocked 7000 steps.

Today I will try to achieve my target of 10000 steps.

15 thoughts on “Day 15

  1. Susie. You are doing great. Success is yours. Thank you for your prayers for me.
    Lord, be with my friend and bless all that she endeavors to accomplish. Grant her great success, amen.
    I think you’re tired because of no coffee.
    God be with you my friend,

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      1. Kathy,
        Are you ok ? I saw you removed your post the quote from Abraham Lincoln. I hope everything is well in your city. We read about “riots” . Thank God for writing in – it is reassuring.


      2. Hi Susie, if I didn’t look in my reader section of the dashboard, I would not have noticed the comment as it didn’t show up in my normal comment section. I’ve been being blocked on WordPress Challenges lately. I’m not the only one. Their explanation is they are working on it and have been having a problem with their programs deciding comments are spam. I don’t even know how to block! I will keep checking my reader and if you comment I approve it. No comments can appear in my comment section without me hitting an approve button first. I’m glad you were able to get through Susie. Have a happy Sunday. Kathy

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      3. Oh my goodness Susie! I went to my Spam column in the comment section and there were so many comments from you that I never saw and several from others too! This makes me aware at least and you can be sure I will check the spam column every day now. It makes me wonder how many of the comments I make end up in the spam section of others??? I think it sounds like a post Susie, and I will also try to contact WordPress about it. Some of the comments are Spam, so it is good they remove some, but there are others who often comment on my blog who were sent there instead. Thanks again Susie!

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