Puffy Eyes

Waking up yesterday to puffy eyes and almost no eye slit, I was a shocker to look at.

This was not the first time it happened with me. Anytime I cry or I rub my hands which had traces of paprika or chilli on them, my eyes water and this causes my eyes to swell up. I can use my eyes and see well but for the onlooker, I look like a weirdo.

This has been going on at least for 15 years. Some days when this happens, I have had to take off from work, until the swelling goes off, which can be at least 3 days later.

This time I had had enough.

I searched the net to find out what the heaviness in my eyes was about. To my surprise, they had  a name for it and it was called “Puffy Eyes”.

And the treatment- it is an accumulation of fluid in the sub-cutaneous tissue around the eyes and the treatment is – drink more water.

I tried it immediately and it seems to be working. I am relieved.

Going about one’s life with two sensory organs functioning at less than optimum is not good.

Swollen eyes

Have you ever had swollen eyes before ?

Isn’t it a weird feeling ?

What do you do for puffy eyes ?


5 thoughts on “Puffy Eyes

  1. Oh, puffy eyes. We are far too familiar. Until last year, allergies never affected my eyes, but now they’re puffy and watery every time the wind changes. I take allergy medicine and apply a cold pack if they’re bothering me too much.

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    1. Do they help, April ? I have been suffering for so many years, looking like someone who was thrashed on the face and really suffering “looks” of “oddball” from people around me. I would love to know if these helped you.

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