How do you decide which blog posts to read each day?

It used to be easy when I had few followers but with 200 followers and some in Spanish too, I can’t keep up, much as I would like to.

For me reading blog posts is as important as writing posts, if not more important. When I read a new post, I learn so much – about the person, about places, and about things- sometimes recipes, sometimes tips and sometimes inspirations. Many a time, the blog posts I read give me my writing practice for the day because when something in the post touches me, I have to write something.

For about two months’, I have been unable to keep up with my reader. Some of it is my fault – I wasn’t in the mood, traveling, then lack of interest in blogging itself – and some of it wasn’t – I was ill for a major part of October . So I lost track of my readers and my friends. ( Forgive me Donna, April, Samantha and others, whom I used to read regularly before I fell off ).

Now that I am back to blogging, I have no idea about how to read posts in my Reader any more. It seems I have just finished one and commenting when there are two more new ones. I find that I now have 200 + followers and it takes a long time to read each post.

Now I have taken to doing three things to decide which posts to read ( a priority list) :

  1. See the gravatars of those who have commented on my posts and then follow them to their blog ( like a dog) and read some of their recent posts- does this sound very self-centered ? Sometimes I have read every single one of their posts, they have ever written, during these ” sneaky follows”.
  2. I go to my blog roll and try to read the most current posts of my blog roll – for example : Adam; Ritu ; Debbie ; Danny  and others.
  3. Then I actually do go to my Reader and read the posts that appear there- I am trying to make it a practice to read at least 5 in the morning and 5 at night.


What are some of your ideas ? How do you keep up with your Reader lists ?


29 thoughts on “How do you decide which blog posts to read each day?

  1. This is a great question and something I’ve wondered about too. While my follower list is still small, it can be hard to keep up with writing AND reading. I just created an editorial calendar and I’m going to schedule my Reading lists. I’m going to divide that list across across three days and read their latest posts. I do “sneaky follows” also, so if I’ve already covered that blogger then I’ll skip them and move onto the next. I’m going to start this weekend and see if it works!


    1. That’s a great idea, Lulu. I am saddened that I have lost contact with some writers, whose blogs I used to visit before and worse of all, I have even forgotten them- out of sight, out of mind as they say. I apologise to all my followers. I try to do my best but don’t think I can ever catch up.


  2. I am honored that you mentioned me in your post. Thank you.

    I really do want to make a difference in this world. I want to help others. God did not place us here just to take up space and breathe air. He has a plan and a purpose for each of us.

    I try to read the blog post that are the most personable and real. I don’t get to all, but I feel the most satisfaction when I can encourage others in their journey.


    1. Thank you Debbie for sharing your views. I have been thinking over the last few days’ about what posts to read, should I be selective or just try to read as many as possible each day ?


  3. I can’t keep up–even though most of the infertility bloggers I started reading when I started at WordPress don’t post anymore, as my blog focus has shifted, my reading has shifted. I try to binge read at least once a week, but especially right now, with so much going on at work and home, I just try the best I can.


    1. Thanks for sharing- I feel so bad that I have missed wonderful posts written by such good friends who supported me in the initial days of my blogging. Since they are not on my blogroll right now, which shows only about 20 or so recent sites I have followed, those are the ones that get read. I am sorry April, I haven’t been faithful with my reading.

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  4. I have the same thoughts and it is hard to keep up. I sometimes just read only some that titles grab me or people that I have more of reporter with. I love my blogging community and hope to manage better as health improved

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  5. I, too, have just over 200 followers. I used to read each one. But, like you, I’ve found it too much. There are a few that comment on mine regularly; I’m following them. Others touch me and encourage me with their writing. Still others are so very different from me that I love learning about their lives!

    I have lots of followers that only write about how hard their life is. All. The. Time. I don’t read those very often. I need encouragement.

    All this to say, I’m cutting back on which blogs I follow in my reader!

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    1. That sounds interesting and also like a practical plan. Things I should use too. Kathleen, how have you been ? I am sorry I haven’t been regular reading your posts- the reasons are as in my post. Sometimes I just forget. I will try to remember.

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      1. Indeed it is and thanks for sharing those posts. I travelled to Boston last month and the weather there was lovely- so I can understand how lovely it is for you. This is the day that the Lord has made- we will rejoice and be glad in it.

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  6. I have some blogs I read all the time because I know they usually post something I’ll find to be personally worth reading. I have some that I visit occasionally and some I guess I’ve just given up on. While I like to search Reader for new blogs to follow I have to admit that I prefer posts that are somewhere between 300-800 words. Maybe I’m just lazy but if a long post doesn’t grab me within the first few paragraphs I usually move on. I have a feeling I’ll be hanging around your blog for awhile.


    1. Gene, welcome but you will find nothing much to learn from my blog because I don’t know much, either about the Gospel or about life or even about people. All I know and wonder about is what I am placed on earth for and most of my blog posts will be like a child trying to puzzle out why this thing is so and why this thing happened to me- it will be very me-centered. God bless you on your journey, Gene.


  7. I have 500+ I think, I gave up on the reader, so most of mine are all email and in that I have some sent to me on daily or weekly depending on the blog. It takes a lot of time I must admit, but I am normally fine with being a few days behind.

    Also I find a post has to grab me within the first few sentances otherwise I don’t bother.

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  8. Hi Susieshy45,
    I’m Janice, Danny’s friend. We met on his site. I also know Kathleen B. Duncan, It’s Good to Be Crazy Sometimes, and Donna Parker. I guess we travel in the same circles.
    You expressed concern in your post that you sounded self centered. On the contrary, you sound extremely giving of your time. The people you follow are lucky to have you in their community.
    I get so excite when people subscribe to my blog for many reasons. One of them is that I know how busy they get, if my posts go i their Email box, even if they bookmark for later reading, they will get to my posts eventually.
    You asked how I decide what posts to read. First, I need to read blogging posts since I blog about blogging and need the information to empower my reader. Next, if I have a super supportive community member, we sort of become friends, and I try to support them by reading and commenting on their blogs. Finally, if a topic interests me, I read and comment.
    It is true that blogging and reading blogs keeps us very busy. If you are interested, I have written time-saving blogging tips, and I have future time-saving blogging articles scheduled.
    Thanks for liking my comment on Danny’s site today.

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    1. Janice, I would love to read time-saving blogging tips and other articles in this series. Could you have links available ?I like the way you commented on a couple of my posts in one message- that is a time-saving tip as well. Your comments are great and very useful. We move in the same circles to be sure.

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      1. Hi Susieshy45,
        Thanks so much for visiting my site and commenting. I publish time-saving blogging tips all the time. I would love to invite you to subscribe to my blog. I have a service for my subscribers that will definitely save you time getting page views. I stumble the links of my subscribers. You do nothing but watch the mass traffic come in. That is only one of my three perks for subscribing.
        I also have bimonthly Meet and Greets like Danny and two linky parties a week!


      2. How do I subscribe Janice ? Currently reading one of your posts on blogging and poetry- is interesting – have subscribed by email – is that it ? Do you use another blogging platform than WP ? How can I follow ?


  9. I have the same problem keeping up with the reading of posts. Each morning I scroll down my Reader, clicking on only those that interest me that particular day. I have stopped following some who post every day, particularly those who post more than once a day because I can’t keep up with reading all of those, and it takes too long to scroll down past them to get to other stuff that might interest me more.

    I also find that my blog-reading habits have changed over time, so I may lose interest in reading a certain type of blog. If I find I’m skipping a certain blogger’s posts more often than I read them, I usually unfollow them. I know that sounds harsh, but it often happens that I will find a reference to them again amongst the bloggers I still follow and I might follow them again if they write something that grabs me.

    Like you, I click on those who have commented and “stalk-follow” them back to their blogs to read what they have to say and then sometimes follow them. If they have an option to follow them via e-mail, I usually click on that rather than add more to my Reader, because I can read e-mails in my own time and they don’t get lost in the bottomless pit of the Reader.

    What keeps me reading a blog no matter what? If I feel an emotional connection to the blogger, one that speaks to my heart because of the way they write, no matter what the subject matter, then the chances are I will never scroll past them when I see them in my Reader, but will always stop and click, and be glad that I did. One day I analysed which blogs constantly “speak to me” and they were few.

    Another thing I have noticed – I prefer bloggers who post once a week or even once a month, because I find that they generally have something more worthwhile to say, rather than those who are struggling (and maybe failing) to find something interesting to post every day. Having said that, there are definitely some exceptions who I will read every day.

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    1. Susan,
      I think, honestly, you need to put all that in a post, so others can read and also improve their writing skills to suit their readers, if that is their aim. If the aim of their blogging is catharsis ( as is sometimes, mine), then let them write all they will to the risk of having no readers or commenters on those posts.
      I look forward to further insights on this and other topics of mutual interest from you. I virtually know nothing about blogging but want to learn something from those that impress me.


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