Making waffles on a Friday night

My husband is still on his travels. Being Friday evening, my daughter and I decided to go  on a medium drive( I say medium, because we went somewhere that is between long and short). When we got back, the pair of us was so tired that we decided to call it an early day.

But after we decided to go to bed, my daughter wanted to make waffles- for dinner ! I had just bought her a waffle maker as a gift. She enjoys cooking and she loves eating waffles. waffle maker But waffles for dinner ?

I have never heard of anyone eat waffles for dinner- so against my better judgement, I said yes, why not ?

The two of us didn’t know the recipe for waffles and I would be grateful to anyone who would give me the recipe but we googled it and found something that went like this :

1. All purpose flour

2. Eggs

3. baking powder

4. sugar

5. milk

Beat all together but don’t get rid of the lumps. Pour into waffle maker and follow waffle maker instructions.  Back to the box we went to look for the instructions manual and there we found a little book which was the instruction manual for a sandwich maker.

Sandwich maker

We were baffled even more. Could we make sandwiches in a waffle maker or was this a mistake ?

The instruction manual not having helped, we had to use our own brains and come up with something. What was bothering us was how many minutes to waffle the waffle ? There was no guidance as to this.

So we poured the batter into the waffle maker and soon the machine started coughing and spluttering. Wondering what happened, we opened it to find that it was only the waffle getting cooked in its own steam. We thought the machine was going to blow up.

In a few minutes, and many openings and closings later, we managed to get two decent waffles- there were no wasted waffles.


They were rather brown on one side ( the top side) and rather paler in colour under.

She poured maple syrup over them and enjoyed her dinner.

After dinner, we went to bed but none of us could get to sleep.

14 thoughts on “Making waffles on a Friday night

  1. My secret waffle ingredient is melted butter. Just add it in to the recipe you have.

    We’ve had waffles for dinner a few times. Not lately, because our waffle maker has since gone to the great kitchen in the sky. Also because we have a cat named Waffles, and we wouldn’t want to scare him.

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  2. Waffle batter made from scratch is the BEST… Along with Grade A dark amber syrup! (ps Cook’s Illustrated did a taste test on maple syrup and found that there wasn’t much difference at all amongst the supermarket brands… It turns out maple syrup farms just can’t put out enough sap to supply in quantity so distributors buy up what they can and mix the various sources together as consistently as they can… So go to Costco!)


      1. LOL! Easy recipe that at least my kids like: 1-1/2 C flour, 1 C whole milk, 2 eggs, 2 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp salt and 3 tsp baking powder. For pancakes, 1 C flour, 1 egg, 2 tbsp melted butter, 1/2 tsp salt and 2 tsp baking powder. Everyone has different preferences on thickness so between 1/2 C and 1 C whole milk. 🙂

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    1. Michael, I am glad you could see the funny side of this because I did too- we do not eat waffles at our house for breakfast or for dinner routinely, in fact, almost never- so it seemed funny at that time. Now it doesn’t since so many have shared that they do it all the time. 🙂

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