Grouchy or Happy

I woke up sad this morning. I have been waking up last night at regular and irregular intervals to see if my post of yesterday, ” My Blog Friends” had had someone having commented on it. Honestly, I thought there would be at least 10 comments from the 10 friends.:)

I thought I had written a good post, one from my heart and written with all sincerity but no, zilch- no comments. I enjoy getting people to comment on my posts, my writing, my view points etc.., but no, just one comment, from one friend.

I went to some of the posts written by one of my friends and even tried to direct them to my post, so they could read the “good things” I had written. I was disappointed.

But today, I am laughing at my own frivolousness, my vanity, my pride. It is me and not my friends. I expected too much out of my writing. I guess, this is how writers feel when something they have written does not bring about the response, they expected.

I heard a joke this morning on a motivational video I listened to.

” A man went to a restaurant and asked the waitress, ” Do you serve crabs?”. The waitress told him, “Sit down, mister. We serve anybody”. πŸ™‚

” A woman was asked, ” Do you wake up grouchy?”, She replied,” No, I let him sleep”.

When you hear jokes like that or think about babies who are happy no matter what. Happiness is what I make out of my life and what I choose to me and I choose to be happy today.

I am thankful for my friends, blogging and otherwise.

10 thoughts on “Grouchy or Happy

  1. I have to say you were too impatient! We have a deadline at work and I ended up working very late, and I just now got a chance to check out the blog. It is well written, and from the heart. Thank you.

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  2. I read your post yesterday, but did not comment because the way it was written was like a conclusion. Conclusions tend to be final and end conversations not start them. If you want more comments, write posts that get the reader involved so they feel they are adding to something and not just adding onto something. I think The Nerdy Book Club blog does this very well if you want an example. Sometimes I do it well and sometimes I don’t. Your post was very nice.

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    1. Cyn,
      You are a good reader of the human psychology. There are 4 comments already on this post and almost nil on yesterday’s. Your analysis is apt and I have taken your advice. You are a good friend and I learnt something from you.
      As a writer yourself, I would be glad, in fact, all of us would be glad of more tips like this.
      Thank you again.

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  3. I can’t tell you how often I check for comments on my posts! I didn’t even look at my reader yesterday, I am terrible at reading everybody’s posts. Trying to get better. Keep writing: I will catch up


  4. You know I get behind in my commenting and then *bam* you get five at once. Sorry!

    We all have posts like that, though. I’m still amused that my most-viewed post of all time has not a single comment.

    I’m off to catch up!

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  5. I read this post first Susie, so I’ll comment here first before going on to your previous post…I am guilty too of being too busy…and yes, I am like you…I so enjoy the comments of my blog friends. I thank God for all of you, and for the fact, that although some use computers and social media for harm, there are lovely kindred spirits all around the world who use their computers for doing much GOOD…as you do Susie!


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