Cats and cat fights

I am in at home, after witnessing a cat fight, going on in full swing between one of my last summer’s kittens'( now cat) and one of this year’s kittens. The two were on top of the bougainvillea plant that grows outside my house and making all the shrieking noises cats make when they get into disagreements. I was surprised to take a little one take on a full grown adult male and the full grown cat seemed to be getting the worst of the argument.

But this fight got me thinking.

In my office, there are women and more women. And we have some who like to move around offices, spreading news and evil tidings about others’. They are silent and like to keep their voices quiet. While on the phone, which they constantly are, they hush their voices up but if one needs them for work, one knows they are on the phone because they are not available to do the work at that time. They also like to barge into your office and even when they see you are busy, like to take a chair, make space for themselves and spread their vile. Aren’t these people also like cats- but silent cats ? My thinking is that since they don’t want others to know what they are talking about, they want to hush their voices up.

But this tendency is not restricted to women. In my previous workplace- the vile was spread by men and very successfully at that. It used to make me think how men are as good as passing around evil as women.

I think people or animals who have too much time on their hands, like to indulge in idle hour pastimes like cat fights, or cat arguments or even cat gossip. So there isn’t much difference between cats and humans, you see.

11 thoughts on “Cats and cat fights

  1. Yes. Completely agree. Our four cats seem to get along most days, but other days, you can see them conspiring to pick on their target. That’s the best thing about only having three coworkers and all of us working alone.


  2. I’ve seen many such women, and a few men, at my various jobs. it is more so in jobs that are competitive and hierarchical.
    It’s good to ignore them. What happens is, when we are initially exposed to such things we do not know how to handle it. We do not retort back because it’s not in our nature. And this is taken by these people as our weakness. Therefore, one has to be courteous while maintaining professional distance. But never react or ask why their behavior is like that. They won’t accept and they themselves have no answer. Deep down it is some insecurity.

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  3. I so agree, and I love your line, “spread their vile…” I’m going to have to remember that one…it’s priceless and so perfectly descriptive of what people like this do. My next to last job was with both men and women. I found them all equally guilty. Worse is when it is a family business. You feel like you are eaten (discussed in the negative) for dinner by them each night along with the food they eat. One line that always made me laugh was said by a co-worker, he always said in a sage tone, “It’s not a competition…” meaning the job. Hah! It was a floral shop, and if he liked a new bunch of flowers that came in he would put a sign on it that said “SOLD,” so that no one else could use them. I’d say it was very much a competition for him. Great post Susie! 🙂

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    1. Kathy, what can I do ? Work place bullying is so unnecessary and I cannot for the life of me think of why some people have to indulge in such. When men are involved, the game gets very dangerous, as someone who has experienced it in her life can vouch. Women resort to mud-slinging and cat fights and sometimes instigation but the men are far more dangerous- I feel.

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      1. I don’t know, I never found the solution with the last few people I worked with…I think some people receive a sense of being better than someone else when they put them down. I usually know to beware when someone has too many stories about the faults of others…then I know that when I am not around they are also telling “stories” about me.

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  4. Yes, Kathy- you are so right. From the first moment when the message- carrier tried to warn me, warning bells were ringing in my head- ” if she can speak ill about someone she knows for 4 years, imagine what she must be speaking about me”.
    I enjoy our chats- they are so informative and I feel you are a kindred spirit.

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