A weekly schedule

For some days, I have been thinking about establishing a writing schedule like so many others her on blogosphere. A day of the week each for something important in my life.

So I am thinking about what things are special and important in my life.

For one thing, family

Second, the cats- outdoor and indoor.

Thirdly, my plants, pots, water and greenery

Fourth, work

Fifth- very important- bullying- if there was one thing I wanted to leave behind me, it would be that I had voiced my dissent in some way against any form of bullying.

Sixth, things that make me smile or happy things.

So if I could write a post on each of these one day of the week- can’t say which now, it would get some things of my chest and may be even my writing would improve in the process.

9 thoughts on “A weekly schedule

    1. I was thinking I am unable to keep track of all your posts- as you know, I try to read them carefully and sometimes comment on them too- these days, I found that I need a separate day to read all your posts, understand them and then write up something too. I didn’t know that you were not keeping up but with summer on you and vacations looming up, who can blame you ?

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  1. it’s a good idea. Leave a day for yourself where you don’t have to blog tho, it makes it a bit easier on you. Then you can get a head by writing a post, or just take the day off! I have been slacking big time on my Reader, so I have been missing everyone’s posts! Trying to get around our blogosphere more

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    1. Yes Sam- how is life going with you. I do keep up with my reading though, every day- so thats something I can be proud of. More than the information gained, I value the friendships I have on blogosphere.


      1. Sam, but that’s ok. So long as you are busy with your own life and happy. Friends worry if they think their friend might be worried about something- and hence the absence from blogosphere. In your case I know for a fact that you will keep exercising no matter what and that is the best stress-buster in the world. What about that job ?


  2. Fingers crossed and prayers going strong. If the door is right, it will open for you. It happened with me. I searched for a year and a half before something turned up and what a turn- up it is.


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