Talking my way out of difficulties

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Big To Fail.”

I would go talk to some people from my past, who have created problems for me, ( either with rude whisperings, not so behind my back or with comments to my face) and try to tell them that I am not guilty of those accusations.

For example that Pathology professor who pretended as though she could not recognise me, when I went to her for a scheduled extra class, because she said I didn’t come the day before( which was the day she had planned to conduct the class) and not the day I came( which was the day I was told to come).

Or to the Hygiene Secretary of my hostel, who put up a stinker on my door, saying” Please put your wastes in your basket and not on the floor outside, for these are obviously remnants of your meal”- Someone else had eaten food and thrown what remained outside my room and she thought I had done it and put up one of the dreaded ” Stinkers” outside my door. ( It hurt my 18 year old feelings).

Or to the Secretary of the place I worked in previously, who spread malicious rumours about me and tried to make life difficult for me at all times. I still plead not guilty.

I would try to meet these people and talk to them from my point of view- hopefully, I could convince them.

Or maybe I could laugh with them at these incidents and lighten up the atmosphere- who knows ?

13 thoughts on “Talking my way out of difficulties

  1. Hopefully you join my live chat I’m going to have and I want you to bring this up. These are perfect topics I rather talk about then write. This topic specifically I have a lot to say about,lol. But I’ll leave you in suspense you’ll have to join the chat find out lol 😉


  2. I totally relate, Susie. We have all, I suspect, been accused of things we’re totally innocent of. Victims of gossip, lies, and innuendo, we have no weapons to fight bullies and sociopaths who rely on our reticence (and good manners). Face-to-face is scary and difficult, but bullies are cowards who run when confronted with the truth. Take a breath (or 2 or more), and calmly explain your truth(s). Then wait. If it’s a misunderstanding, you might get an apology. If you have a bully, you’ll probably get excuses or more accusations. Such nonsense is very hurtful but standing up for yourself will make you stronger and more confident. I was shy once, too, but I’ve recovered.

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    1. Dr. Linda,
      You understand so well. Looking back at my life, I have had to deal with bullies since I was in college, in one way or the other.
      But the funny thing is though I have not been able to stand up to many of them as I should have, in one way or the other, they have had to face their own moments of truth. Hopefully the epiphany would have helped them realize that things can’t always go their way.

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      1. When I would complain about these sorts of injustice, my mother would always say that “God will deal with them…” My reply–but cosmic justice is toooo slow! It does, inevitably, catch up to them, though not always on this sphere.


      2. No Dr. Linda,
        I have come to believe that it comes in this life time one way or the other and sometimes all the tears we cried seem to have been all in vain. There is a higher power watching- more convinced about this with each passing day.

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  3. I have not seen you around for a bit and not sure how to contact you. So hope all is well. I was given a challenge by Edwina at EdwinasEpisodes to do a five day photo five day story and thought you might like to do this with me. Contact me and I will send you the info.


    1. Hi Donna,
      I am in one of those writing stops – can’t think of anything to write and if I do, it is not good enough- so all I do is read other’s posts and comment. What is the 5 day photo 5 day story challenge ?
      My email is as good a method to contact me as any.


      1. I couldnt find your email. For five days u post a pic and then u write a story or poem about them. Then u invite someone else to do it. Tell me jow to find your email i will send if u r interested.


      1. Hi, Susie. I’m not a photographer either. Don’t know if I’m bending the rules of the challenge, but I’m using images from Pixabay for my posts- they’re free and can be used for most uses. Glad you fancy a go- no rush to get started, though. In your own time. 🙂

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