A strong desire to write but —

Overwhelmed is what describes me at the moment. No, I am not overwhelmed by work or home but overwhelmed by life in general.

After the shock of a few weeks back, it has taken me a while to stand up on my feet. I wondered how is it that something I wrote to a close one, might have life changing consequences on me, my family and even my stay in this country. Can I be that important ?

All I did was write a two sentence email to my someone,  jocularly which got forwarded to a lot of people, totally unknowingly. The gaffes that people make ! and as usual, the blame falls on me- that I had written what I had, it reflects on my nature, my personality, my thinking, my everything. I have been called every name in the book , so much so that I never wanted to show my face on earth again.

This whole incident has got me thinking- how valuable words are and how careful we must be when we say or write anything. In the modern world, with internet connectivity, anything can happen. Emails and messages can get forwarded and traced and many of our words can come back and hit us right  on our faces.

This also got me thinking about freedom of expression. As writers, don’t we have the write to write what we think ? Isn’t that what we as writers are expected to do ? What is the point of being a writer who only writes things pleasing to the reader ? Sometimes the writer has to write things which are not so pleasing or enjoyable because that is what makes a writer who he is.

People with all manners of creative expression are suppressed even now , in the 21st century as  was done in the Middle Ages.

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