August 22nd- Be an Angel Day

 Today is August 22nd- It is the National Be an Angel day in the US. Why not let it be a ” Be an Angel day ” for each of us ?

It is in accordance with the theme for today – to give.

This is a special day in which we are reminded of being an angel in someone else’s life. 

1. Can I be kind today and not complaining about what I don’t have ?

2. Can I forgive someone who has wronged me ?  Reach out to them and say I forgive you.

3. Can I thank people who make my life better ? Little deeds that make my day complete, but which I completely ignore.

4. Can I be patient today ? Let someone move ahead of me in a queue or allow someone to get into the road when I am driving by waiting a bit.

5. Can I pay it forward ? Start off a chain of kindnesses- like in the Movie. 

6. Can I pray for others, who need and do not need my prayers ?

7. Can I share some of my things with others – my clothes, my books, my time, anything of me ?

8. CAn I surprise some one today- like send an email to some one who wants to connect with me ? Or an e card ? Or write a note for some one today ?

9. Can I share my talents with someone else ? Can I do some volunteer work ?

10. Can I be kind to the birds, the bees and the animals, and plants around me today ?

 Do a good deed today.Pay it forward. 


2 thoughts on “August 22nd- Be an Angel Day

  1. Ah ha….I just answered a comment you wrote to me, and now I read your blog. I was right! You are a wonderful and loving person and seeking self-expression in a high manner. I will follow your writing too. Onward and upward!


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