Persistence with a thick skin

I read recently about how people used skills learned in business school inappropriately. “Business school teaches students to network for more business. So students take that at face value and try to network with famous people, and when they do get a response, they tell them to sign a Non disclosure agreement before they reveal any more.” 

I read from a famous writer’s blog that networking through different networks is essential to build up a career in freelancing. I have been trying to reach out to people on various networks, emailing people whom I have never seen or only communicated with once or twice, asking them to use my skills in writing if they ever needed to. 

I am now spending sleepless nights awaiting their responses. Of course, my negative mind tells me that I am going to get nasty emails back telling me to mind my own business but deep inside something hopes that maybe I will hit gold someday. You need to have a thick skin in the writing profession and I am hoping to develop it, slowly but surely. 

3 thoughts on “Persistence with a thick skin

  1. kimscaravelli says:

    I recommend considering ‘corporate’ writing. Today’s companies need the written word for everything! Online marketing, online training, project proposals, internal documents,… It’s never-ending. I have made a very successful career in this field and while it is true that I am not writing novels, I AM writing everyday, making a living from words, and working from a delightful home office, so…


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