Spare time writer

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I am a new freelance writer and blogger, wanting to try my luck with this new field, writing in my spare time armed only with an interest in writing. No degree in English, journalism or creative writing. No skills with publishing or marketing.

All I have are my writing skills( which need to be polished immensely) and my interest in research ethics and research administration.

What a funny combination, you may think ? Listen to the rest : I can cook, am learning to crochet, am a mom, an animal lover and a patron of all living things. I love life and positive things in life.

One thought on “Spare time writer

  1. […] I was hesitating for a long while before I created a blog. I think too much, I feel. These were the thoughts that ran through my mind “ 1. What if my peers read my posts and judge me like they always have done- meaning work colleagues, college mates, family etc? 2, What if my blog attracts a lot of attention and I get into trouble for airing my views on something and the authorities don’t approve ? 3,What can I write about ? What am I an authority on ? 4. Why do I want to write ? […]


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